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    So which trinkets should i use?

    [Necromantic Focus] 391
    [Insignia of the Corrupted Mind] 384
    [Variable Pulse Lightning Capacitor] 384

    so.. i have no idea which one i should use.. so i ask you people.. what should you prefer?

    Also is there any bis trinket list for 4.3?

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    I'm not very familiar with shadow priests but I do think it depends on the rest of your gear (maybe a link to your armory profile????)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veiled View Post

    but expect these values to shift over the next few days with more simcrafting.
    I find that the uptime that the average of the 8 simulations used gives for heroic NF is far lower than it would ever realistically be. The list shows NF as having an uptime of ~81.34%. Considering that there are few situation where the trinket should fall off this tier (Hagara is the only one which comes to mind), and the fact that the buff only truly falls off once the last ES which took advantage of it falls off, the uptime should be higher than calculated. An uptime of 88.88% would cause the trinket to break even with the lfr version of the Insignia of the Corrupted Mind, and I don't think achieving this would be a stretch. I was faced with the exact same trinket choice but have decided to stick with NF until the normal mode Insignia drops, which will be unequivocally better.

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