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    so many people loved air walking. just wow

    the new levitate, is what levitate has always had to be but was never put in due to laziness.

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    I wonder if this was a troll thread? >.>

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    Personally I like it. It's what a REAL levitate should be.

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    This is the result of this change.

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    Thought it was a bug. Oh wells.

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    Give it to a druid in cat form=driving an invisible motorcycle.

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    I love the levitate change! It's one of the main reasons I got back into playing my priesty (and I'm loving every bit of it) I do hope they give it a little more up/down motion though when moving, kinda like how you move up and down a little when standing still, I feel very creepy when gliding about not moving much XD

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    I went to levitate in the pond behind Dwarven District AH.

    After about 5 seconds another priest came down and joined me, he then levitated his 3 party members. I got my friend to stop AFK'ing and join us.

    Best Levitate party ever!

    Also, it's being weird underwater again. No amount of levitate will make you glide underwater
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    They look so ****ing stupid. I mean honestly... Why are they so insanely huge? It looks like plate armor. No wonder some priests worry about back pain... Not only do we priests have to carry everyone through the dungeon content - we have to do it with a bowl of holy water on each shoulder... So stupid.
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