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    How many BOA gear is there atm?

    Been gone from wow a few months now have they released legs and ring? boa?

    And have they done anything to u can lvl alts faster now?

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    A few months? Nope, nothing new since your last time in Azaroth.

    ...Getting Heirlooms via Guild Rep and Icecrown Dailies are still the easiest ways to get 'em =D
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    World of Warcraft has been played by so many people that it's hard to get a reliable source of new players into the game. Add to that a toxic community that expects perfection out of people who have never played and you have a recipe for decline.
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    Only one faction receiving something completely new? Absolutely not going to happen. The QQ is so massive it will break the QQ Pillar in the Elemental Plane of QQ and unleash Kiukiuwing, the Aspect of QQs.

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