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    Maw of the Dragonlord + t12 4-set + Eye of Blazing Power

    Hey guys, i'm currently playing holy and I recently got the Maw of the Dragonlord from the LFR, would love the normal tho.. maybe this week, anyway.. I was curious too see how it would do with the t12 4-set bonus and Eye of Blazing Power from FL, so many heal procs right? o_O

    I tested it out on Morchok(its a straight forward aoe heal fight so easy for Holy Priest i figured it'd give me good results and the rest of the healers were all about the same ilvl as me, 381+) and the results were a little bit silly really.. overall I did 25% with 3 million of the total heals of the fight which was double to the person below me, which was a holy paladin at 1.6 million, rest were lower classes being 2 resto druid, a priest and a shaman. the Mace proc did more heals than my glyph of PoH and about 30 procs in the fight and i noticed it can even proc more than once on a cast hitting up to 4 times at once. the eye only proc'd 3 times for 30-40k crits and the 4-set was 4% of my total heals.. adding it all up it was about 10.4% of my total heals all together. Maybe the other healers were just bad but i am loving that mace so far, its pretty glorious and can't wait to get my hands on the higher tier of it.

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    Just this second finished Madness and lost the roll in LFR.
    I thought it was good anyway,but now I know it's awesome!

    Quote Originally Posted by Skinner View Post
    They look so ****ing stupid. I mean honestly... Why are they so insanely huge? It looks like plate armor. No wonder some priests worry about back pain... Not only do we priests have to carry everyone through the dungeon content - we have to do it with a bowl of holy water on each shoulder... So stupid.
    Priest T11, amiright?

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