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    Damage reduction stacking


    given the nature of damage flying around in DS, I decided to play a little my shadow spec to add some survivability, something in the lines of

    So, a little question - how does mitigation from Shadow form stack from Spell warding (buff gained via Inner Sanctum talent)? Additively or multiplicatively?
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    thats good but if you have zero mana problems put 2 points into shield.... i run with a disc priest so i dont use it i put 2 in mental agility

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    The shield on yourself is usually strong enough to cushion a blow without 2/2 Improved Shielding. The two talent points don't make that big of a difference (and you can't and shouldn't really be spamming them on cooldown). Realistically, you're probably better off going with the 2 points you picked up in Spell Warding (good catch on those), and keeping Mental Agility.
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    To actually answer TC's question, yes, the damage reduction from Inner Sanctum and Shadowform stack, but they are multiplied, so in total you're reducing magic damage taken by (15% off 100% is 85%, and 4% of 85% is 3.4%, 3.4 + 15) 18.4%, instead of 19% if they were additive.

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