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    Scratching an itch

    Best relief ever.


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    I can ignore an itch if I really try. I can't however ignore being really thirsty. I try not to get out of bed but I always do for water. Stupid thirst. Quit iiiiit.

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    I have been suffering from Allergies (dry skin) since I was born, If you try really hard you can ignore it but most of the time I end up itching too. A good advice is if it itches in a area that is dry or a wound then put a bit of water on it. works for me Just dip your finger in a cup of water and rub it. DONT ITCH it as it makes it worse.

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    Thank you for suggesting that Fayme! I am going to give it a try! I have been having severe itchiness lately and it is driving me crazy!
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    To scratch an itch, or to itch a scratch?

    That is the question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmy valmer View Post
    Best relief ever.

    Nope. Rubbing your eyes.
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    Best relief actually is after taking a dump.
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