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    LFR is just mindless AoE healing, i prefer to play Holy in LFR while im basicly a Disc priest for a long long time.
    But LFR as disc is boring as its PoH/PoM there has been fights where i only did HF/Smite and no AoE healing at all as it has no use with all the AoE healing thats going on.

    I take holy in LFR now, Sanc on CD, PoH, CoH, Prom and renew the tank and out of Habbit for being disc a couple of years now a shield.
    (disc priest often ask if the Holy priest can stop shielding the tank )

    Disc is still my prefered spec in our 10man runs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DerrHans View Post
    Disc is still my prefered spec in our 10man runs.
    Unless you are one tanking Madness of Deathwing with anything other then a Paladin. Then Holy is Godly.
    I don't heal STUPID, Stupid SHOULD HURT!
    Syntyche - Disc Priest

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