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    Disc Weapons

    Hi guys,

    what do you think about "Maw of the Dragonlord"? I think in nh it is BiS, but how good is it compared with "Vagaries of Time HC".

    I'm healing in a 10m

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    I know for sure that for healing 25m its BiS...
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    I'm pretty sure its BiS for every healer. I've been hearing it can make up for up to 10% of your healing done witch is pretty insane. 15s ICD and it can crit.

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    Maw did 1.8m'ish healing on our last Madness normal kill (LFR version), likewise 1million healing on Ultraxion (4 mins'ish).

    Pretty sure it's BiS

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    I got Maw of the Dragonlord LFR version today and it did 5% of my total healing in 10 mans and 8.5% in the LFR later on still though between PoH and DA it comes 3th highest healing spell in 25 mans and 5th in 10 so either way it's still really nice.

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    Okay, thank you for the information. I'll just try to geht a acceptebal Offhand

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    just position ur self right and it heals alot.
    I heal together with a pally and he also has this mace.
    We face each other with the raid in between, that way we hit 9 players (it doesnt heal ur self btw).

    It did ~12% of my healing on ultraxion, 8% on morchok (u miss 3 people going for them crystals) and 8% Zon'Ozz (2 groups so 5 people cept on stacking phase ofc). Its good and while its only the LFR version i use its already very powerfull.

    Also this mace is nice with the power torrent effect, only weapon it looks decent on if u care about looks.

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    Don't think so its BiS for 10man raiding... for 25' it is for sure.

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    well, in 10mans no secondairy stat gives me 8 to 12% free healing, it heals more but thats towards overhealing ofc.
    Zon'ozz black phase u always have a proc, sometimes it procs twice, not to mention the group ur healing (ranged/melee) on the ball ouncing phase.
    Yor'sahj i had some good procs and since we always kill green we always stacked (no HM for me yet) there u see loads of procs as well, a proc while mana drained by blue is priceless.

    Same for morchok, ultraxion, spine and madness, second phase gunshipe 2.0 its free healing on the ranged but its the only fight thats less usefull to have this mace due to phase one, but for me as disc its still more int and spellpower which counters the loss of mastery on a weapon.

    As i said LFR version gives me 8 to 12% free healing to me thats pretty BiS for 7 out of 8 fights in DS, for 10mans as well.

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    i have normal version of this mace and on morchok hc (10man) it did bit above 3% of my total healing with bit above 40% overhealing from the proc.

    i guess it wasnt most lucky with timing (giving such high overhealing) and also i noticed it proccing on not the happiest moments, like when my group spread when hiding behind shards

    still im happy with it and i expect it to provide more output on bosses requiring more stacking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demonidze View Post
    I know for sure that for healing 25m its BiS...
    Off topic : u are missing an enchant on your chest, Lumpy.

    On topic:That healing mace is bis no matter if u are in a 25 man raid or a 10 man

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    picked up norm version of maw yesterday, can't wait to try it next week

    Edit, from experimenting at a busy AH, I found this to cap at around a 95k area heal no matter how many people I'm aiming at, before crits. Average after crit on a capped proc seems to be around 105-110k. If I get a proc with lots of crits sometimes I see a total heal as large as 140k.

    If you're spamming PoH/CoH in a full raid it should proc every 20 seconds or so! That means with an ideal stack the mace could give you ~4k HPS by itself. That's pretty amazing. And with more spell power than visage? Don't pass it up.
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    My main is a holy pally so I'm used to positioning myself behind the raid for heals because of Light of Dawn. My disc priest got the LFR mace last week, this week on LFR it did no less than 5% and up to 9% of my heals on stacking bosses.

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    I guess the next question is what would you pair it with?

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    OH from ultraxion ftw

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    That's not a bad idea.

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    what would be better? LFR Maw(390) or 397 spi hst dagger? for 10man

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    Quote Originally Posted by Th3D0n View Post
    Off topic : u are missing an enchant on your chest, Lumpy.

    On topic:That healing mace is bis no matter if u are in a 25 man raid or a 10 man
    I know, been waiting for raid leader to come online give me mats from GB for it :P
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