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    Druid Season 16

    I'm not sure if that's a finished model or not... I really thought it looked terrible, did anyone like that at all?

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    "Let's throw some colors to this set and hope the community likes it! At least, we give them something this Build."

    That set is not finished, at least I hope so.
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    Looks really terrible, hope they change it.

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    So much for quality assurance. Looks like the artist just said "f**k it".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jevlin View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by r03dz View Post
    Also, Jaina and Vereesa going for a rid on their skeleton horses. :P (typo intended)
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    worst looking set in the history of wow

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    Dam, you guys got the short end of the stick there.

    It looks like you washed your gear with a packet of Skittles.

    It looks like it should have a Greatful Dead logo on it.

    I can't imagine that that's finished.

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    looks like someone played too much zelda before hitting up the drawing board

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syld View Post
    worst looking set in the history of wow
    Couldn't agree more...

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    Lol, glad I'm not the only one repulsed by it. I guess it's like a beetle inspired...bug...thing???

    Wow it's ugly.

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    What happened to the bug wings one was that T16?? I loved that one.

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    It's probably one of the most grotesque sets I've seen. I'm not a fan of the 'bug with wings' pve set either. I think I prefer a larger animal instead of insects to be represented in Druid armor, but even that was a lot better than this.

    Either way I guess it's not a big deal since I'll be mogging it. Nothing comes close to how good a customized mogged set works for the look you're trying to achieve. Mine is mostly tribal, revolving around Barbaric Chestpiece, a Kilt the ZG bone/spike shoulders and Twin's pact staff. I feel much more like a 'Druid of the Claw'.

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    t15 for life (or until i finish t3)
    you can see a real druid set right here:

    pvp set looks like a warlock set idk and the colors are awful

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    What in the world is up with the bugs this tier...first the pve tier which was utter crap and doesn't look like druid gear at all-now this? They seriously need to rethink the gear imo we just had a whole x-pac filled with bugs, I don't want them on my gear now, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dolsonthedruid View Post
    t15 for life (or until i finish t3)
    you can see a real druid set right here:

    pvp set looks like a warlock set idk and the colors are awful
    Yeah, I actually thought the entire Haunted Forest set was really well done. It's still synonymous with druids, but allows you to explore a 'darker' theme if you will. I like those concepts better than throwing insect husks on our bodies.

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    As much as I'm not a huge fan of this set so far, this set is most likely based on Deathwebs (A new Spider Model none have seen yet and have yet to be implemented.)... just calling it now before they are released

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    It feels like a warlock more than a druid set. The crazy purple/blue colors, the skulls face, and the crazy horns are throwing me off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peterpewn View Post
    Looks like the artist just said "f**k it".
    That's how i feel about the set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bitethe View Post
    What happened to the bug wings one was that T16?? I loved that one.
    It was the Mythic set, which looks kinda awesome.

    This on the other hand...watermelon indeed. First thought after see it.

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