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    Best Rogue PvE spec

    just wondering what is the best Rogue PvE spec? Assassination... or Combat? is Sub a good PvE spec too?

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    Well u cant have a clear answer for that - which is the best spec is depends what fight is - i mean if its like tank and spank like Morchok Sub is the best (Sadly ultraxion u cant backstab) for Aoe situations is assasin because FOK with poison is the best for aoe - and for Fights that u should cleave like Z'ozz hc is combat..For the most fights combat is better spec

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    I love Mutilate for the enormous envenom crits and I love Sub for how much fun it is in PvP.
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    Forum-appropriate answer: Mugger.

    Serious answer: Anything but Sub, unless you like challenge/aren't raiding bleeding edge.

    Forum police answer: Wrong forum

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    Actually, you can try to dual spec combat and mutilate and play both until you can decide which one you like best.
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    Moving this to Rogue Forums. Hold on tight!

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    Combat for most fights, but sub shines in a few places. Assassination really doesn't bring anything valuable this tier.

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    Like people above said, it depends on what fight are we talking about! Combat does well but also Sub so much on some fights!
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    Quote Originally Posted by orissa View Post
    Actually, you can try to dual spec combat and mutilate and play both until you can decide which one you like best.
    This is true, but given the difference in stat preference of the two specs. One is going to be crippled. Unless you meant Combat and Sub.

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    Personally, I always preferred Mutilate, but just recently switched my main to combat. It didn't feel like there were any fights except maybe yorsaj with a black ooze where Assassination felt stronger. On every other fight it felt either even or combat was better. Certainly on normal madness and spine it felt flat out silly to be anything but combat. My guild is just jumping into heroics (1/8 and have done some work on yor'saj and zonozz) so you can factor that in.

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    For the 4.3 Tier, you can play sub for the Siege of Wyrmrest, which will boost your dps a ton. But the Fall would be a combat select fights.

    Really, you can play Sub with Combat reforges and simply change the spec since both need 25/25 EXP and hit doesn't really matter that much for sub (487~ Needed)
    If you can learn Sub, for the first 4 fights you will see a pretty substantial DPS increase, it's just not an easy rotation to learn.

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    I prefer sub on my rogue.
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    I dont understand this, "I enjoy this best spec". If he liked a spec he would just play it, he then wouldnt of asked the question in a post "what spec is best". Hes asking what spec is performing the best. If you are going to reply to a topic like this, say this spec is best for X reason. Not just I enjoy playing a certain spec.

    On topic... If you had to pick 1 spec, combat is easily the best performing spec, it is good on every encounter. Sub though is a clear winner on some fights like morchok and spine and can can compete and work very well on other fights like haggara. Assassination has no place in DS cause it is behind in single target, there is no real need for Fok, and most of all the mechanics are favoring the other 2 specs. If you want a more detail explanation of why, just ask and I will provide.

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    This patch Combat is a all around Good spec to play but best? no since some fight lean more toward sub when played well

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    The question is not very well asked. What does "best" means? The most enjoyable spec? The most efficient?

    Currently, Combat is ahead with Sub.

    Morchok HM: a modified version of Subtlety to let the rogue tank (plus DPSing during the black blood phase).
    Yor'sajh HM: Assassination in 25, Combat in 10.
    Zon'ozz HM: Combat is ahead because of the possibility to cleave the claw and the boss, in 10 at least (in 25man, we just nuked the claw, so cleaving didn't change anything much). But I did this boss in Subtlety, taking down two eyes each phase 2, and having great burst in the end. It depends on your raid.
    Hagara HM: again, depends on your setup. We had an horrible one (enh sham, dk, war and me), so I took Sub again (to dps a bit more on the crystal, mostly). Combat can cleave the ice tombs, while Sub has a better burst during the +100% dmg taken. They are pretty much equals. (In 10, at least.)
    Ultraxion HM: definitely Combat. You cannot backstab nor Shadowstep.
    Warmaster HM: definitely Combat. Cleave the adds, then cleave the boss.
    Spine HM: apparently, KIN Raiders did it stacking Sub rogue, for their burst.
    Madness HM: no idea atm.

    But except if you are competiting for first world kills (ie. if you are progressing on Spine), you can play every spec, they are all viable.

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    I'd say sub. Had 24k DPS with assass, respecced and BAM 36k

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    the easy answer: all specs are good, play what you like

    the raid answer: if you are raiding at a high level (heroic) there currently is only one option. some fights are insanely good for combat (generally every content) and it is close to unforgivable to not play combat there, because of your cleave. this sets the bar: if you forge for combat, you can't play assassination competitively (because you lack mastery, which is only good for assa). whereas sub forges are quite similar. so combat/sub dual specc can be a good approach

    some references (bc there are so many opinions in this thread and some are wildly inaccurate):
    http://www.simulationcraft.org/430/Raid_T13H.html (showing sub >= combat > assa for singletarget, best gear, perfect world)
    armory (look for top rogues, they are combat)
    shadowcraft/elitistjerks supporting the simulationcraft numbers

    to sub:
    - if you are a good player without raid leading stuff to do, you can consider playing this for singletarget bosses you can hit from behind, because it does some more damage BUT eats up a LOT more of your concentration because it is hard to play perfect. it has no aoe whatsoever and really depends on positioning... you should maybe consider not trying it or practicing a lot before raiding with it (LFR ...). i myself am playing sub on: morchok, zon'ozz, sometimes hagara (combat cleave for icetombs is better though).
    + sub is fun! =)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Caiada View Post
    Serious answer: Anything but Sub, unless you like challenge/aren't raiding bleeding edge.
    Sub isnt exactly rocket science with all the haste we have stapled on. If you still cant play it, there's something else going on.

    For what performs the best, it depends per encounter. But generally Combat or Sub, depends if its a pure tunnel fight like Morchok, or something with cleaving, i.e. Heroic Warlord, or MOD P2. There's an argument for Yorshaj and assassination but it depends heavily on your luck with black ooze and I wouldn't suggest it.

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    iv played them all and assassination is behind the other 2 atm on most fights. You will most likely go sub or combat. Id reccomend having both specs since sub seems to be top atm but some fights like ultraxion are just anti-sub. combat is a spec that really has no requirements to play so combat will work well on all bosses while sub will shine on about half of them. Assassination can still do enough DPS, but if your looking to max out your dps your gonna need to go sub or combat

    Personally Id go sub on every boss if i could cause combat is just boring to me and sub is alot more fun but unforgiving, but sadly all bosses dont permit sub.

    So ultimately sub is the "best" pve rogue spec assuming the boss allows it, otherwise theres no anti-combat fights
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