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    The 'largest' size female models are HOT!

    Just wanted to share my appreciation for the plus-size female models (slider all the way to the right).

    Makes me think of asking my significant other to gain a little weight, what a nice view.

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    i didnt think it look like they had gained any wait, was expecting a big fat chick like the male modle haha, jst looks like they get taller abd bigger boobs haha

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    Lucky for you that BioWare likes to accommodate a large player base!

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    I really love my Bounty Hunter who uses the "size four" model. She's adorable, but still looks like she could handle herself in a fist fight with a trandoshan if she needed to. I think it looks great - it's not huge like the male version, but just more shapely with a larger chest and hips. I'm glad that we're all not paperthin models. =)

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    Size model 4 is the way to go!

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    The size fours are definitely bulging in places, but my oh my they bulge in exactly the right places.

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    I personally think that larger sized women can be very attractive... if done right, just like it is with everyone

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    More to love!

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    You were talking about what again.... ?
    I'm just warning you, you may actually be a walrus.
    AND MY...! oh? we weren't doing... *ahem* Yes. I agree with that plan.

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    My bounty hunter alt with body type 4 is just so..luscious.

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    The Republic mirakula are so force-sensitive, they 'see' with the force and don't need eyes.

    Just imagine what a plus-size body type 4 miraluka could do with you... comes equipped with blindfold.

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