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    Well done. Good to see someone else getting a world first.
    Teamwork is essential - it gives the enemy someone else to shoot at!

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    Quote Originally Posted by brexour View Post
    They got 2 resets per week so not so much to say...
    Not actually. Only firelands are reset twice per week. Their kill race of deathwing is completely legit.

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    Saw it also the moment it updated. Loads of fanboy crying inc.

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    Funny to see 2 Korean guilds dominating the scene this time around

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    Quote Originally Posted by Earsofpower View Post
    It's not exactly hard to check someone's armoury and see they have the same number of kills as EU/US guilds.

    They just downed it.

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    Unexpected to be honest. Congratulations!

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    GG Koreans. Well done. Nice to see new blood at the top...I guess Spine was harder than Madness.

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    OP, should use their name "KIN Raiders" as well in the title.

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    cool. Nice going Korea =)

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    Hah! awesome.

    I hope they didn't exploit spine or madness.. would be pity.

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    Grats to the koreans!

    But doesn't twice FL resets per week mean twice as many legendaries? :>

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    Quote Originally Posted by otixx View Post
    inb4 people blame it on ''2 resets per week when its only for firelands =)" stay small paragon fanboi's
    To bad someone already posted that lol. And like I said, if it's true, which it seems to be, grats to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulwarked View Post
    congrats to them. I still can't tell the difficulty. I know it only took them 3 days, but who knows how many attempts they put into it. I'd like to think spine isn't harder than madness still.
    They went into overdrive I bet, cancel work and go get it.

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    Lol joke tier, ragnaros took much longer, u can easily see they are making things for casuals, doubt this patch will be fun much longer.

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    Congratulation. Nobody had them on the list I guess.....
    "It’s not the job of the artist to give the audience what the audience wants. If the audience knew what they needed, then they wouldn’t be the audience. They would be the artists. It is the job of artists to give the audience what they need."

    — Alan Moore

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    Nice job. Gratz and don't let the baseless exploit claims get to you! Enjoy your moments of fame and keep going

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    Holy cow.. Then gz blizzard, big fail again. Last boss being easier than the one before it, hell of a job.

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    Gratz to KIN Raiders. First time when other than non-eu/US guild got FK

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    Wow, that was fast. Huge gz

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    Way to go!
    I'm so happy none of the cheaters even got close!
    MoP is awesome.

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