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    Switching is a great idea. One of our dps is switching to his dagger from madness on aoe parts of fights, so the same logic can be used to use. Switch (if you have the choice) when we are stacked.

    However... Wouldnt that activate maws icd?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PalawinFC View Post
    You can change weapon during combat. Swap in maw when a group of people are in front of you (macro to LoD?) swap to vagaries if your proc wont be hitting anyone.
    You can but it'll incur a 1.5s GCD (haste won't modify it at all) so you can't macro it in with LoD or anything at all. First of all, you SHOULD be behind everyone as a HPally all the time anyway - secondly, Maw is OP.

    LFR Maw is arguably better than even H Vagaries, it's literally THAT powerful, although on Hagara and a couple other fights I would switch to Vagaries.

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    Yeah, maw is very, very awesome whenever there is stacking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faolren View Post
    LFR Maw is arguably better than even H Vagaries, it's literally THAT powerful, although on Hagara and a couple other fights I would switch to Vagaries.
    For 25 man it is - but I'd probably use H Vagaries over LFR Maw most of the time in 10 man.
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    I would defff and go ahead and use the maw... only because it procs more then ever! and besides.... More spell power the better!!! even though you lose the 150 haste

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    I currently have both H Vagaries and normal Maw and Maw is way superior to Vagaries on every fight including Hagara. This is in a 10 man guild! The heal proc is usually around 6-12% of My healing done on boss fights and the secondary stats you get from Vagaries wont make up for that.
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    I can't see how anyone even considers not using Maw, 5-15% free heals is well worth the loss of stats on all fights imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turvakapsu View Post
    Don't just pick Maw or a normal healing weapon, change it depending on the fight.

    I currently have the LFR maw and the heroic Eye of Purification. I use Maw for Zon'ozz, Yor'sahj, Ultraxion, Spine and Madness. I use Eye of Purification (vagaries in your case) for Morchok, Hagara and Gunship.
    This makes absolutely no sense. You're not really even sacrificing any item levels to a get a ludicrously overpowered proc. And secondary stats on caster main hands have always been highly irrelevant compared to the importance of the item level.

    I have to agree with the consensus in this thread: 25s = LFR Maw > H Vagaries, 10s = H Vagaries for Hagara & Blackhorn (maaaybe Morchok depending on your strat), Maw for everything else.
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