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    Hey look!

    There's a Shadow Priest as well!!!

    Seriously, CLASS BALANCE!

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    Looking at that list makes me cringe. Blizzard should be able to do a better job of balancing than that. Horrible.

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    Yup. It's totally broken.. makes me sad panda oh, the irony
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    So if 100% of the mage players were dishing out 90% of the mage potential - this would mean they have to buff mages to dish out 100% potential?
    Class balance is the hardest mechanic ever in a MMO - no matter if you take that as a fact or not.
    It's based on immense amounts of factors, including personal and mechanical factors.

    These players aren't godlike - they are human - and theres ALWAYS one class at the bottom and at the top.
    Makes me wonder what you're trying to achieve by this thread.

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    Kin specifically said they brought classes other than mages and rogues for UTILITY, pretty much nothing else. I'm sure the Spriest was probably only there for buffs and both hymns. I'm disappointed they're at the bottom of the list, but I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up spot healing also. Healing meters would be VERY interesting to see.

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    The problem in WoW for balancing will always boil down to QQ and PvP, WoW would (in my eyes) never be taken off the top spot if they never brought the game into a PvP secter.

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    You realise that this is rather specific data right? This is dmg to the tendons only. This thing needs to be bursted down fast. Who do the most burst damage?

    Solved. Move along please.

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    7 mages and 5 rogues.

    Don't goive me the "balance" crap seriously.

    Same old BS said over and over, that means nothing. 0. nada.

    You can get wrong with balance at first but then u react and fix things, at least try. It's all about that, "TRYING". Wich is not happening.
    Its not just that Spine damage meter, wich i tell you, its all about burst so they got all the most bursty specs avaialble to them, its about the lack of "band aid" fixes now that more then a month have passed.

    Its just about spriest? NO. IT ISN'T.
    It's about us, hunters, wars, shamans and all the others class spec wich need to be worked and yet you see nothing about that.

    Oh cool, Spriest dominates some fights so it's all rose and sparkles, right? I tell you, not it isn't.
    Stacking holy palas in 10ms because they're better, its an issue. Stacking one class because X dps or Y cooldown in an encounter is very bad (wether is us, rogues or locks etc). Where's the "bring the player not the class policy" that they advised so much at the launch of cata?

    I see, its hard to understand, so carry on, nothing to see here.

    p.s.: Shadow Priests are doing fine in recount so its all working, right?

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    Arcane mages and sub rogue's might be super good at fight A but super bad at fight B.
    So that screenshot doesn't say anything about actual class balance.

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    This is pretty much allt hat needed to be said:
    Quote Originally Posted by Crpzz View Post
    You realise that this is rather specific data right? This is dmg to the tendons only. This thing needs to be bursted down fast. Who do the most burst damage?

    Solved. Move along please.
    Some specs and classes suck for some fights, but let's move on shall we?
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