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    new raidrace event on german server: jar'kai sword!

    start 18:00 UTC +1
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    Wildstar Black Ops - loved by strangers

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    Wildstar Black Ops - loved by strangers

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    Do the new layout. The old one has my WoW background and shiz.

    Also, will be streaming HM SV and NiM TFB Progression once 2.0 goes life. Race to World First SWTOR 2.0!

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    Well, I'm not actually STREAMING because of my PC, but I'm making some videos during the early access in SWTOR, I thought it might be worth checking out. I need some constructive opinions on what should I improve (besides my laguage )
    Come and see my YouTube channel:

    Like it, subscribe it, leave a comment - everything will be appreciated

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    Going to be streaming our HM SV 16 clear (again) tonight at 8PM EDT.

    Edit: Going to be streaming tonight ~7EST. Nightmare 16 TFB!

    Come join in on the fun!
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    Usually streaming 8PM every day except saturdays.

    Content: Ranked PVP with one of the oldest and most successful PVP guilds "Coral" on TOFN EU.

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    Hi guys
    Not always playing swtor but here my stream plz come check me out and follow me

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