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    Quick Xbox 360 question

    Hello, i have a quick question. I am packing up my xbox 360, but i don't know where the power cord is. (Connects outlet to converter.)
    I found a power cord that may belong to my xbox or may belong to a computer monitor/tower. The cord has a jet black color, so I don't know if it will work or not. It has a tag that states that it channels a 10A 125V Current. Is this the same as the voltage/current of a standard xbox outlet->converter cable? If so, will it work as a substitute?
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    The cord that connects from socket to transformer pack (converter) is a simple wire, you can connect it to anything that runs on your 125v supply that has the same pin arrangement (ie PC, as the PSU controls the power delivered to your components). The transfomer pack will control the voltage and current delivered to your xbox from there.

    Quick answer: Yes
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