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    What are you gearing for?

    Given the changes we currently know about in 7.2 and how legendaries/AP make a spec more exclusive than before, what spec are you guys gearing for?

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    I play Hunter because I like Archers, Rangers,.. w.e you want to call them. BM is cool in all, but I don't like having to completely rely on my pet. So my choice of spec was always Marks and Survival. But of course now in Legion Survival lost its use for a bow. So I main MM and Off BM, but I only BM it to solo those 40+ Million HP mobs.

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    BM main, Survival secondary.

    I don't intend to play MM this expansion.

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    MM, mostly because it's the only weapon I've maxxed and I have no BM legendaries.
    Would love to see some SV rotation tweaks but I doubt that this is going to happen, so SV is out.

    I'd probably swap to BM more often if I had legendaries for it, but since this is not going to happen (as I'm not willing to settle for the bad ones as BM), going for BM is impossible for me.

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    I have very little interest in MM, so I play BM pretty exclusively. Some of the high numbers you see of SV is temping, i may give it a shot for WQ or something after I max my wep.

    I have 49 pts in BM, 34? in MM and 0 in survival, so ill balance that out quick.

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    Playing BM atm. Would prefer to play MM (cause it doesn't need to deal with a pet) but I like the aspect of being able to cast everything from range and on the move too much.

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    Probably easier to find a raidgroup/guild as a ranged. mostly because blizzard keep adding melee classes to the game.

    just advice for unemployed hunters :P

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    MM for sure in 7.2

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    SV main, MM alt spec.

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    Playing BM (and gearing for it now). I was MM but really don't like the playstyle in Legion (even though I feel I should be playing MM 'cos numbers). I am not in a cutting edge raiding guild so BM is doing fine for me anyway (top 3 on most fights). I have zero MM legendaries, despite having loot set to MM for months...I changed to BM to give it a go, and got the boots out of my first emissary cache after swapping. So at this point I have left it as BM and am hoping for shoulders/belt.
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    Now that my guild is basically done with progression (Casual HC only guild) I've brought my hunter out of retirement and getting it up and running as my main alt (which it is is every xpac since TBC) and I'm gearing SV main and BM alt. Sitting at 35 in each and the legendary bracers and trinket. Tonights my first alt raid as SV. Exciting times. (Especially since the main raid's hunter is coming along so I'm hoping for some trickle down tier pieces)
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    I had considered changing my loot spec to Survival, as I have the mantle/boots/legs/pyrdaz as BM and only really the belt would be a minor upgrade at this point. However as BM loot spec I can still get the ring and bracers, one of which is BiS for Survival and the other is at least useful so maybe its worth staying BM for a potential upgrade(belt), a potential BiS for Survival(bracer) or a small usable benefit for Survival(ring).

    Something to think about for any other BM main, Survival offspec. If you don't have the bracers, it may actually be better to stay in BM loot spec to increase the likelyhood of getting the bracer from the remaining potential leggos available to you instead of swapping to Survival and the bracers are only 1 out of all the other weaker potential Survival leggos!

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    Difficult. I play BM now, and have decent enough legendaries (shoulders & trinket). I'm pretty damn close to my next one, so I'm doubting whether I'll swap to MM to start collecting the MM-specific legendaries (still plenty of time to do so).
    My MM artifact is also not leveled at all, but should be easy to get to 54 before 7.2 once I cap out my BM artifact next week.

    I'm not interested in SV, we have enough melee players as it is already.

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    I'm a casual player, only do M+ and pug Normal raids, but I've got the 4pc set and bis legendaries for MM (belt/shoes). However, with the buffs to BM I find that I do just as well, if not better, on most NH fights with BM even though I don't have any BM specific legendaries (I use Pyrdaz and MM belt for the stats). I'm leveling my BM wep now in anticipation of 7.2 and hoping for 1-2 legendaries by the time the patch drops. I'm about due for my 4th, so hoping on a solid BM dps leg. I'll go back to MM if and when Blizz decides to move the focus away from AiS, which forces us to be way too immobile for my liking. But looking at the T20 set bonuses, it seems like the focus on AiS will remain for the entire xpac, so I'll just play BM and enjoy the mobility.
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    Beast mastery for now for 7.2

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    MM now because I have a legendary
    Will try to get a BM leggy in 7.2

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