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    BM Hunter needs help regarding HC WF boots or not...

    Maybe a stupid question for some but i have "Puddle Punishers" HC WF and Ravager's Pathwalkers in only HC. Should i upgrade the Ravagers full and go with them as i will get more haste than the Puddle Punishers but less agility, would appreciate some help.

    Thx for help!

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    Agility > all, so go with Puddle Punishers.

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    H Ravager: http://www.wowhead.com/item=104557

    H WF Punisher: http://www.wowhead.com/item=105410

    with +160 gem socketed, h WF punisher gives u about ~50 agility, but u also lose chunk of haste. like even with reforging about 1.5% and depending on ur other gears, u might be over hit cap. So if u r over hit capping even after reforging, go with H Ravager. else go with WF punisher.

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    Yeah what Anjan said, because basically the puddle punishers give less agility at the same ilvl, you won't get -that- much more at HCWF. So it really boils down to will you be way over hit cap with them. If it puts you over a bit, I wouldnt worry about it. But if you're already over hit cap from like, galakras bracers/belt norushen ring protectors crossbow etc, the ravagers may actually turn out to be the better option. Your best option is honestly to sim it, if this is the case.

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    I had the same q, thanks for the breakdown.

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