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    How many animals have you had?

    I can't recall and exact number but I always get cats. I never really messed around with any others. I must have a slight obsession. haha
    How many animals have you had on a single hunter? Which is your favorite?

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    2. I grew up with a male tabby named Pippin who died at 17. I got a kitten with my ex-fiance that ran away from home before she was 2.
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    wait what. RL or ingame O_o

    My hunter started out with his raptor called Reptar, then when he was a big boy got himself a wolf named him RoastPotato, then during his adventures in Draenor, got a dragonhawk called Drumsticks.

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    I like collecting Rare and helpful pets so my stable is usually quite full. My favorites are the Spirit Beast ones.

    My one true Hunter regret was that I did not try and tame Loque'nahak before Blizzard introduced Cross Realms and it became horrific to try and get the extremely popular and rare pets. *wipes away a tear*

    Other than the Spirit Beasts, I'm quite fond of the turtle Terrorpene. I love instantly recognizable pets. Ooo! For that same reason I also love my Sambas and Kirix. <3

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    For some reason I really like the Rylak pet.
    I have quite a few of them,but my favorite is still my red cat from the belf area.

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    Well, I'm still just 99, but have around 14-15 rare pets. The searching and taming the pets are really enjoying things. The toughest pets were Norrisis (purple chimera from the Winterspring), Karoma and Sian-Rotam. I waited them around few days each.
    I think, the only pets i want to get left are Gara, Terrorpene and Loque'nahak, but they are really the hardest to find.

    And yeah, i love them all, but buffs matter too.

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    Had my wolf(diseased skin from WPL) pet since I was lvl 50s. That was back in patch 3.0.8 when I started playing.

    It's my default pet for SV/MM if I don't need to fill a buff.

    For BM, I have a Spirit Owl(Mt. Hyjal) which is named "Grannyflaps", don't ask.

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