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    MM is better spec, evidence

    title says it all, with mm you only 20 traits and it shiits on bm, bm is only competitive once it has 26 traits which will take ages to get.

    mm is also superior in fight mechanics, cleave and target switching burst.

    its why all the top players are going mm, sorry bm players but you just wasted your team leveling your bm artfiact LMFAO

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    thats all well and good at the bleeding edge mythic. but for my guild running heroics 1 or 2 hunters doing 30k less dps on a single target fight isn't going to make or break your raid :P

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    yknow, people that chose bm probably knew this and decided to go BM anyway because of their personal reasons, but hey! congratulations on proving yourself to be a twat on the internet

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    There are plenty of threads discussing the differences between the hunter specs, and their performance. Something with this tone is utterly unnecessary.

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