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    BM PvP Mechanics Question

    I have been searching for information on how some of the pvp talents work and haven't found any answers so anyone who can test on beta and respond would be greatly appreciated.

    Viper sting - does the healing reduction also apply to the heal cast that removes it? Or does the act of starting a cast remove the sting? Does this snapshot on hots or update dynamically?

    Separation anxiety - Does dire frenzy or kill command count as an attack from the hunter and remove the buff? Does the buff increase kill command damage or just basic attacks + bite? What about the artifact weapon attack?

    Scorpid sting - does it reduce total crit -50%, or reduce the players current crit chance by 50%? IE if you are below 50% crit you have 0% crit, or is it you have 50% crit and now have 25% crit? Does this also reduce abilities that give attacks 100% crit such as frost DKs and Warriors?

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    first one it should reduce the healing for the spell with a cast time because the spell is casted before the debuff is dispelled, not sure about the second one but id imagine it would be 50% of what the character has otherwise it would destroy the viability of classes that required crit

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    My experience on Beta with separation anxiety was that KC, DB, and DF do not remove the enrage from your pet. Auto attacks and specials like cobra or chimaera will remove the buff if the hit your pets target.
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