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    how do +dmg scopes and hunter dmg work?

    Just curious. Are they counted as part of the base weapon damage (and get multiplied with attacks that do x% of base weapon damage,) or do they just add their +5 or +7 to each shot after all other damage is calculated?

    for example if I add+ 1 dmg scope to a weapon is it after a shot or before. So is +1 dmg basically 3 AP?

    also how is DPS compared to agility i have a gun that has 14 DPS and a bow that has 13 DPS but the bow has more agility

    how much DPS is agility?

    How does http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/30804 (bronze band of force) work? How does AP work, I know 3.5 ap gives 1 dps not 1 point of dmg. And there is a huge difference, but how is it calculated, what is it?
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