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    Are there any guides out there for hunters for CMs?

    Been collecting BiS gear for it, and am now trying to get down how to play BM for CMs. I haven't exactly been able to find a guide, so if anyone could help it would be much appreciated.

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    Get 5 stacks for bigger pulls / bosses
    Plan it so you have stacks ready around your cds, if your in combat for 1 minute youll roughly reach 5 stacks 2 times, atleast thats my findings, but not too reliable though- you can even risk your stacks fade even though your pet is in combat the enitre time, rng will be rng
    Always beastcleave on 3+ targets, below that kill command is #1 priority, 2 targets are also beastcleave worthy tho - anything above 2 targets barrage is top priority
    Be sure your pet is positioned so its hitting all adds and not standing to the side, as the cleave range is fairly limited

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    I can't remember the link, but there are a good bit of threads on here for Hunter CMs and strats. I am pretty sure one even had a link to a guide.

    Also on WoWhead there is a very indepth guide as it pertains to DPS in general which is a good place to start (the hunter guide I am thinking of may even be on there)

    I also believe the guide was in a comment on WoWhead

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