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    Loot Spec? MM to ->?

    Hello there,

    Currently I have 5 legendaries; Zevrims, Sephuz, Prydaz, BS bracers and the TS boots. After simming and looking at my possibilites I doubt that the Gloves and the Belt even would be an upgrade. Ofc the belt would be great for AOE fights.

    So my question remains, should I change to survival which is less legendary dependant, I'd only imagine the Bracers would be a remarkable upgrade. Or should I change to BM where I have the chance of getting the Shoulders/Belt. Obviously as the 3rd option I can remain MM lootspec.

    Any help would be much appreciated and thanks in advance!


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    Do you enjoy any of the other specs? Also they could tune the spec/legendaries in the future which could make some of the ones you dont have useful.

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    It will also have an effect on relic drops. or do you intend to change completely?

    going from ranged to mellee can have an impact on raids so should probably dicuss that with your group/guild (assuming you have one)

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    Survival is the least leggo dependant, so its "easier" to swap to than BM is. While it isn't leggo dependant, all 5 of its own legendary items are solid with just bracers being the strongest all round. Seen as you already have sephuz/pyrdaz, you can only really get helm/legs as the "trap card" leggos.

    BM will require mantle and belt/boots to perform anywhere near as well as MM, while you can parse well with Survival using just a Pyrdaz/Sephuz

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    You have to remember that the BIS survival bracers also drop for BM. I'm in a very similar situation (have zevrims, boots, prydaz, and helm) and I swapped my loot spec to BM. Probably not really going to play it unless it becomes markably better than MM, but I would like the option to play it, and I'd need the legendaries to do so.
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    The gloves are actually pretty huge on single target fights and the belt is insane on AoE as you said yourself. Unless you have a burning desire to play a different spec I'd say those leggies are worth staying MM loot spec.

    If in fact you are looking to switch spec then BM would definitely be the way to go. The shoulders are just way too strong and the belt is also pretty nice.
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