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    Can't find old Solo thread

    I couldn't find the old solo thread, but I successfully Solo'd Normal Elite 10m Protectors of the Endless yesterday. I did not record it, but I will try to get it tomorrow when I go back in.

    Tsulong is impossible with current gear atm, only could get him to 50% before day phase began.

    Killed 10m Stone Guard, and 10m Feng as well, but could not down Gara'jal. His damage was too high once I got to around 50%.

    Immerseus seems impossible at the moment, furthest I could get him was 65% (hit berserk). This was after like 6 splits or so.

    Killed 10m Jin'rohk, Heroic is impossible at the moment. Too much pet damage, and once your pet dies, he will grab you and reset.

    Have not tried Heart of Fear yet, but I imagine first couple can be possible.

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    Afaik Immerseus has been solo'ed by a hunter. No clue on details, I just saw someone posting it (Not here tho)

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    igot gara'jal down to about 25% a few times before wiping, i was tired and didnt feel like more attempts was going to help. I gave it one attempt with mm and lust and got it to 20% and died (used health pot agi pots) but i feel like it is possible with enough attempts, rng, or gear

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