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    Feral PvP Artifact Pathway Idea & Incarn Option

    Just got a few ideas here:

    So, this pathway is an idea I had for people who are running Incarn and also not running Brutal Slash.

    Arguably, the only good traits for PvP on the left-hand trait path are Honed Instincts and Feral Instinct (Sharpened Claws if you're running Brutal Slash, but this isn't for that)

    So this build focuses on the right-hand side of the path, but you're going to pick up Feral Power along the way. I think this trait is often overlooked as people are rushing for Ashamane's Bite, but if you're running Incarn it's definitely worth picking up.

    The reason being that with the double crit chance on Shred during Incarn as well as 4 ranks in Feral Power (relic slot, 20% total) and my regular crit chance, I've got nearly 100% crit chance on shred during Incarn. I've done 6 dummy tests with Incarn and only missed one crit on shred. My average Shred crit at 796 iLvl is 166k on the PvP dummy, so the damage you can get off is pretty insane combined with Bloodtalons bleeds, as an example. Bloodtalons is a lot more manageable in PvP this expansion and is definitely a viable option. It works with the honor talent Rip and Tear, making it a lot easier to get off. Primal Vitality is an honor talent clearly made with Bloodtalons in mind, and Elune's Guidance also helps with managing it.

    The reason why I don't think Brutal Slash is worth taking, especially with Incarn, is because it isn't affected by it. It's a "bursty" talent but you're going to do more damage with your 100% shred crits. If you take the Sharpened Claws trait to increase your brutal slash damage, you're one trait down the left-hand side path, which means you're missing out on traits on the right-hand side, which are generally better.

    Any thoughts on this?
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