View Poll Results: Are You also tired of waiting for D3 and lost all interest?

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  • Yes and I am not gonna buy it

    38 8.24%
  • Yes, but still I will give it a shot and buy

    165 35.79%
  • No, man, what's your problem? My Hype is BIG! Can't wait!

    216 46.85%
  • Not interested ind D3 at all

    42 9.11%
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    A long wait for games is par for the course when it comes to Blizzard. I'm surprised so many people hadn't figured that out and adjusted their hype accordingly.

  2. #122
    Yeah buddy! But the thing that turned me off most on it was the requirement of an internet connection. For me personally, the internet isnt available 50% of the time, and the game honestly doesnt require it. There are other ways around detecting hacked items

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