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    Pain Suppression mouseover macro (Clique & grid)

    Got some problem making this happen. I read it wont work with grid mouseovers if I dont use Clique and such.
    So I installed Clique but all is weird, doesnt help that my ElvUi like to just swap things around on its own
    Anyway, how would the macro look in Clique if it checks for mouseover, if there is none it cast on target=player.

    Also, with Clique do I still need Pain Suppression spell put on an actionbar or is it enough just to have it entered into Clique?
    Tried so many things but cannot make any sense of it all.


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    Hello, here is the macro :

    #showtooltip Your Spell here
    /cast [modifier:SELFCAST, target=player] [target=mouseover,help][target=target] Your Spell here

    I hope it will help.
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    Yea, thnx alot

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    The point of clique is to eliminate as many macros as possible while cleaning up your action bar.

    Simply open up your spellbook, click on the "clique" tab, then navigate to Pain Suppression in the Disc tree. Hover your mouse over the spell then click the binding you want (for me, shift 2). Anytime thereafter you hover your mouse over nearly any nameplate, activating your clique keybond for pain sup will cast it on that target. Cool thing is, you can then bind something else to that same keybind and place it on your action bar, and it will activate that spell when you are not hoverin over a nameplate.

    For example, 4 is my clique bind for PoH, but my action bar keybind for smite.

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    Yea, just had too poor knowledge of macros to get one properly working.
    My knowledge stick to mouseover, target=player etc and thatrs it

    Need to fix power auras for those cliques as well, one disadvantage for removing stuff from the actionbars is that you dont really see if its ready or not

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    ZZZ now it happened it again. It suddenly stoped working and havent changed anything

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