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    I wouldn't mind an April release. Make near my b-day at least.

    Granted I did the annual pass thing, so it would be a present from myself.

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    does early q1 means first 6 month? lol
    I always thought it meant the first 4 months, but I'm probably wrong.

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    I'm starting to think D3 is a cruel joke...
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    Everyone is pro-US. They just don't know it yet.
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    Makes me wish there was some sort of common sense internet fairy that could visit you.

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    Early is more vague than the specificity of Q1. There is nothing implied except that he can't tell us.
    Pretty much yeah. "Q1" sounds too specific and we all know how vague Blizz likes to be about these kind of things. Saying "Early" essentially buy them time until summer lol :P

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    I always thought it meant the first 4 months, but I'm probably wrong.
    Well 12/4 is 3 months so that would be April 1 at the latest.
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