<Håkan Hellscream> is a HC Guild Based on former leaders and heroic raiders. (Takes place on Ragnaros EU-Horde)

We are currently recruiting for HC and mythic in Warlords! Apply at Hakan.Enjin.com/recruitment
We are in need of healers as a primary focus, but also recruitting every other slot, if proven exceptional.
Do not be afraid to apply, we go through each and every application with open minds and will take everything in consideration.
We are a building up a Mythic team for early Warlords of Draenor but will have to start out building up the roster, with the new flexible Heroic mode.
Right now 9 players of our roster are from Sweden / Denmark but we communicate in English, and there is no exception throughout raid times etc.
So if you're ready to kick off Warlords of Draenor being a part of an open and mature / VERY social guild, hit us up and we will contact you ASAP through our website / ingame.
Kind regards, TEAM Håkan