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    [H] Prominence @ Draenor EU - 14/14 HC 10 Man - Recruiting In Preparation For Mythic.

    Hi there!

    Prominence is a 10 man progressive raiding guild, raiding 3 nights a week. We formed during late ICC and have been raiding throughout cataclysm improving tier by tier. We are a small but social guild, we like players who are active and dont just log on/off for raids.

    With the addition of Mythic raiding incoming with the release of patch 6.0 / WoD. Prominence has decided to increase its roster and raid 20 man. Being a 10 man guild at present, we already have the foundations in place to allow us to transition into a 20 man guild.

    Prominence is currently looking for more reliable and competent raiders to add to its roster in preparation for when Mythic Raiding is introduced. Applicants are required to have a similar level of heroic progression to the guild and 575+ ilvl.
    With this in mind we are actively recruiting DPS to increase our roster. All exceptional applicants will be considered so please do apply if you are good enough. For updated class specifics please visit the website detailed below.

    Raid Schedule:-
    We raid 3 nights a week, wed/thurs/mon - 19.45-23.00 (servertime) with raiders expected to attend at least 2, preferably 3 raidnights a week. We don't run with a massive roster so you will get to raid every raidnight and not be sat out all night, we rotate people boss by boss depending on who needs gear from each boss. During raid nights we use Mumble as our means of communication.

    How to Apply:-
    Please contact Maxibon/Neiths ingame for questions/info or if interested.
    Alternatively if you cannot get hold of the above then add myself via battle tag and I can pass on questions / answer what I can for you in the mean time.
    Or apply on our website at prominence-draenor.guildlaunch.com. (Can't post full link just yet sorry).

    Thanks for viewing.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Specifically we are recruiting the following :-
    Druid - Feral/Balance
    Priest - Shadow
    Mage -
    Monk - Windwalker
    Paladin - Retribution
    Rogue -
    Shaman - Enhancement/Elemental
    Warlock -

    If you are a class that is not specifically listed above then please do apply, as all good applicants will definately be considered.


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    We are still looking for people to join our ranks

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    Still need those DPS

    - - - Updated - - -

    Bump to the top.

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    Need DPS folks, apply!

    - - - Updated - - -

    To the top. Still need DPS.

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    Still recruiting dps

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    To the top - Need DPS.

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    Still looking for dps

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