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    [H] Aeon 10m 14/14 HC recruiting for WoD and Mythic raiding

    Aeon was formed in the summer of 2008, from the merge of the then two top Horde guilds in our server, Ad Noctum and Might of the Horde. We have been raiding ever since, being the top Horde guild, with many server firsts during our journey through all expansions, like a Tribute to Insanity and Sinestra.
    At the end of patch 4.2 we switched to 10-man and continued our progress through Dragon Soul and Mists of Pandaria. We are currently expanding our roster for 20m mythic raiding in WoD.

    We raid 4 times a week (Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday). Raids start at 20:00 server time and end at 23:30 server time.

    Progress in MoP
    Siege of Orgrimmar: 14/14H (West 10m 228)
    Throne of Thunder: 13/13H (West 10m 173)
    Tier 14: 16/16 Heroic (West 10m 367)


    Recruitment is currently open for the below classes. Gear doesn't matter much, what we are looking is experience and performance
    If your class is currently listed as Closed, but you feel that you're in the exceptional category, post an application!

    - Tanks: Closed
    - Healers: Monk / Druid / Priest
    - Melee DPS: Rogue / Warrior
    - Ranged DPS: Druid / Priest / Mage



    -Over 18.
    -Can communicate in English.
    -Mumble + microphone.
    -Dedicated to WoW, with a good knowledge of the game and your class.
    -90% attendance
    -Former raiding experience is desirable.

    Attitude and commitment are the most important. We do not want people who just log on to farm raids to get loot and then disappear for progression nights!

    We advise you to take your time in writing your application. Remember that first impression lasts. Make sure you have read the rules and policy of Aeon before you make your application.


    What we expect of you:

    - You come prepared with consumables and knowledge of the bosses you are about to face
    - High Motivation during progress and farm raids
    - You know your class and min-max your character
    - Your computer and internet connection are stable


    To post an application, register to our forums at aeonguild.org. Private applications are also possible, simply register on our forum and PM the following people, depending on your class/role:

    - Ranged DPS - contact Epitaph
    - Melee DPS - contact Batto (Batto#2663)
    - Healing - contact Hantazup
    - Tanking - contact any of the above

    You can also roll an alt on our server to contact us in-game for any questions.
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    Still looking for people for WoD!

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    Looking for healers and caster dps!

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    Still looking for a few classes!

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    Looking for DPS & Healers!

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    Still looking for players

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