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    [H] <Keyboard Warriors> - Tarren Mill EU - 5/7 M HM, 9/10 HC BRF

    New-started guild, mandatory raids is set for Thursday, Sunday & Tuesday 19-23, with Wednesday used as an extra optional day. In the beginning of content we will try to raid as often as possible, almost everyday. But we wont force you to come outside of the normal schedule.

    Currently we're 5/7M Highmaul, 9/10H Blackrock Furnace

    You can find some more detailed info, application form and current recruitment status here:

    Feel free to contact me in-game, rooster#2929

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    Recruitment status on site updated.

    - - - Updated - - -

    bumping this post for the sake of cute clefthoof calfes

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    Still in need of specified classes on website. We're struggling with the roster for 20 man, we lack 3-5 more active and we should have a stable roster.

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