Hello, and welcome to our recruitment post.

We are Come Clarity, a relatively new guild that started during Highmaul. Our goal is to progress through mythic and chase server first with a core group of people.

Our atmosphere throughout raids is very fun and laid back, there's many laughs had.. Even during progression between pulls.
We're now recruiting caster DPS and one healer [MW/RestoS]

Although real life sometimes gets in the way we like to see raiders with as close to 100% attendance as you can get.

We raid progression 3 nights a week. All times are server time.
  • Wednesdays 1945 - 2300.
  • Sundays 1945 - 2300.
  • Tuesdays 1945 - 2300.

We also have an optional alt run on fridays between 2000-2300.

Previous WoD progression:
  • 6/7M HM
  • 8/10M BRF

Visit http://komklarhet.enjin.com/[1][1][1] , or add me on battle.net for more information. (Protteeh#2593)