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    [A-Frostmane] <Hombres> 7/7M 9/10M | Recruiting DPS

    Key Info:

    Guild Contacts:


    Server: Frostmane
    Language: English

    About Us:

    <Hombres> are a 20 man Mythic raiding guild that was formed in October 2013 by two friends. Both had recently returned to the game with a desire to raid at a high level whilst still having time for other pursuits outside of the game. We established ourselves with solid progress in Siege of Orgrimmar, clearing 14/14H in our first tier together. We have since successfully upsized to 20man and are aiming to clear all Mythic content ahead of us in WoD.

    We raid for 9 hours per week over 3 nights, with the aim of clearing all content in a timely manner within this schedule. We place high value on a relaxed raid environment, whilst ensuring we retain a focussed and competitive mind set. Thus, we expect good preparation and solid attendance from our raiders to make the most of the time available to us. All of our raid team are progression oriented players with a desire to down bosses and progress.

    Outside of raids, we have a strong social aspect to our guild, with a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of banter and joking around. We run a weekly alt/gearing raid on Thursdays, and also enjoy running old content, challenge modes, PvP, playing other games together, or just having a laugh on TS. The average age in the guild is around the mid-20s, and we have a fairly diverse group of nationalities from across Europe. We are a pretty chilled out group that share the same goals for our time in game, and think any like-minded people would fit in easily.


    • Wednesday – 20:00-23:00
    • Sunday – 20:00-23:00
    • Monday – 20:00-23:00

    All times are EU server time. Invites start at 19:45.
    We do extend occasionally if we are close to a new kill.


    Currently looking for more DPS, with the following as priorities.

    • Warlock
    • Mage
    • Elemental Shaman (resto OS is a huge plus)
    • Balance Druid (resto OS is a huge plus)
    • Rogue
    • DK

    Gear and experience must be similar to our current progress. We always consider exceptional applicants of any role.

    What we look for:

    The most important qualities that we look for are a good attitude, skill and reliability.

    We expect you to possess a strong knowledge of your class and how to utilise it in raids, and being up to date with class changes. Previous experience of Heroic progression raiding is highly preferable, but not essential if you can prove your have what it takes.

    We look for players with the right attitude for progression raiding. We expect you to research fights as much as possible in advance, and be able to handle several nights of wiping in a row. You should be willing to do what is best for the guild, such as sitting out when required for a certain setup, or passing loot if it has more use elsewhere.
    Finally, you should be reliable. This means being in control of your own playing times, being able to maintain high attendance (85%+), and preferably be 18+. Reliability also relates to your performance in raids. You should possess the ability to both listen and convey information concisely when needed, and be willing to perform particular tasks when asked.
    If you possess these qualities, then you are probably just the sort of player we are looking for. If you only raid for the loot, or make a habit of logging in late without warning – then don’t bother applying.

    How to apply:

    If you are interested in applying, then please visit the recruitment section of a website where more information can be found, along with our application form.
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    Updated recruitment.

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    Updated recruitment.

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    Still looking for dedicated and mature people to fill up some raid spots.

    Made some progress into SoO with one shots of Immerseus and Protectors. Just need a few more geared players and the bosses will start tumbling!

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    Currently 6/14 - we're back to raiding this reset following a Christmas break. Still on the lookout for a few more 100% attendance raiders!

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    Now 10/14 - still looking for a DPS with a strong tanking OS (Monk, Warrior preferred, would consider DK)

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    Updated - now 14/14, and looking for an experienced and geared tank so we can run with 2 groups.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Updated again, also looking for a geared healer - see above for details.

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    3/14HC - Updated recruitment.
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    Updated once more - currently looking for a healer with an awesome DPS off-spec, and possibly one more DPS.

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    Will definitely consider another DPS now - most classes will be considered!

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    Now 5/14HC (very nearly 6!), and looking for a new DPS for our team. Still recruiting all classes for Mythic raiding.

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    Updated our progress and recruitment!

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    Updated again, really keen on a spell haste DPS!

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    Still looking for that elusive spell haste DPS and anyone interested in raiding WoD with us!

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    Still recruiting, please apply at

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    Updated what we are in need of for WoD, quite a few spots still available.

    Still looking for that elusive spell haste DPS class also!

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    11/14 now!

    We have found our spell haste DPS class, although recruitment is still open for WoD.

    Even if your class or spec isn't listed above, we might still have room for you!
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    Back on the lookout for a spell haste DPS class - Hunter or Balance Druid preferred!

    Recruitment for WoD is still open also.

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    Updated. Hunter or Balance Druid for our progress team, somewhere 570++ would be great!
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    Now 12/14, still looking for more awesome raiders for WoD. Check the recruitment above!

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