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    <A> EU Late night raiding guild Nocturama is recruiting! 4/13 N HFC

    We are the only organized late night raiding guild on Turalyon. If you are insomniac or simply you have better things to do earlier and you are able to raid starting from 11.30 pm (server time) then this is the guild for you.

    If you enjoy relaxed style and mature attitude, then apply, you will never be disappointed.

    We raid on the following days:
    Monday 23:30 - 02:00
    Tuesday 23.30 - 02:00
    Thursday 23:30 - 02:00

    Currently, we are mainly looking for ranged dps and tanks, but all good applications will be seriously considered.
    For more information, contact illidan#2513 ingame or check our website: nocturama.guildlaunch.com

    We hope to welcome you soon to our ranks!

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    8/13 N HFC now! Still looking for more late night raiders to flesh out our roster. Mostly looking for tanks and ranged dps, but all exceptional applications are seriously considered!

    Hope to see you soon!

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    We are 12/13 N and 6/13 H HFC! Still recruiting! If you are a tank/healer or ranged dps, or an exceptional applicant: don't hesitate to apply!

    nocturama.guildlaunch.com, or contact illidan#2513 ingame!

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