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    [A] Total Control - Argent Dawn 14/14HC -Recruiting for WoD and to expand to 25m

    >>About us<<

    14/14 Heroic Siege of Ogrimmar

    Total Control is a "Fresh-ish" guild made in Fall of 2013. It started randomly by doing Throne of Thunder pug. But people liked each others so we combined our guilds and thus Total Control was born.

    We're just in the progress of going from a casual group of guys and girls to becoming a competitive raiding guild.

    This all starts with us recruting some more players to be prepared for the new Mythic 20m difficulty coming in WoD. Which is why we need You to consider us as your new guild and help us build a solid roster.

    We try to see the player for his/her potential and skill, since we feel like it's your personality and commitment that makes you a good raider rather than your previous accomplishments

    >>What we offer<<
    A social and friendly guild environment with serious progression, where everyone is more than welcome to provide new ideas.

    We also try to have fun outside of progression by raiding with alts, doing mountruns, leveling, PvP and so on for those who are interested. Most people are doing something outside of mainteam raiding and everyone is very welcoming for you to tag along

    Our goal is to have a large group of people where we don't stand and fall with that one person having real-life calling him. We do expect you to be able to attend at least 2/3 raids though.

    We are looking for serious and competitive players that are looking to constantly improve and deliver as close to a flawless performance as possible. We won't scream at you if you wipe us but we do expect you to learn from your mistakes.

    You should be able to understand that someone else might know something you don't and is able to provide you with feedback on how to improve your gameplay.

    We are a social guild and we expect you to be able to take some friendly mocking and to fit in to the group. When it comes down to it we're all raiding for fun and don't want to hang around with d-bags and dramaqueens all night.

    In the beginning of our recruitmentperiod you'll be trialed in our altteam(currently 8/14HC), after that the plan is to run a few 25m raids before the pre-patch hit.

    We Prefer that you have some heroic experience in SoO and around ilvl570+. This due to the fact that we need you to trial which means we want you in raids before WoD hits.

    Please leave your application on our website and don't hesitate to contact one of the officers in-game if you have further questions. We look forward to hear from you and how you want to help us expand our roster and come strong in to WoD!

    (Given times are Server times)
    Wednesday: 20.00-23.00
    Sunday: 20.00-23.00
    Monday: 20.00-23.00

    With the option of adding 1-2 extra raiddays during progression.

    >>Contact us!<<

    Shaktur Raidleader

    Mialty Raidleader

    Alphose Guild Master
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    Edit: we are now upping our reqs somewhat due to earlier launchdate than anticipated

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    bump^^ ehehehe

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    Roster is starting to fill up, make sure to send in your application before it's too late!=)

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