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    Nope, still super psyched. In closed beta right now, can't be that far off. I still think a Q2 release sounds right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edgecrusherO0 View Post
    The quiet before the storm...
    Tell me you know more and not just speculating please
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    Well I just bought myself the charr plush, created a giant GW2 theme for my pc, so yeah in fact my interest is so vast that it actually makes me angry about waiting, and that my friends is sad.

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    My interest in it got pretty seriously deep-sixed when they announced there was basically no statistical progression.

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    I'm still excited-ish about it, but with sooooo many games on the horizon I want to play, it is starting to get lost in the shuffle.

    KoA:Reckoning, D3, DA3... man I was looking at a list on IGN of RPG's expected for 2012... and here I was going to do things like go outside this year...

    Meh. Ask me again when they have a release date.

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    Oh wow, I forgot all about KoA:Reckoning. Definitely want to play that too. So much stuff! Nomnomnomnom

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    Nope my interest is still the same. Also OP you do know they announced GW2 before they even began working on it to explain why there wouldn't be any more expansions for GW1. They have also numerously redone things they didn't like either changing them or scrapping them altogether (energy is an example of this). I like the fact ArenaNet has been very open about what there doing and why. Alot of multi-milion games will be in development for 3-5 years now-a-days its got less than a year to go and if you lasted 5 surely you can manage (this is just my guesstimation) of a maximum of 6 months.

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    Not in the least bit lost interest

    1) Came into knowing about GW2 only about a year ago. Still massively hyped 2) I have a real life as well...3) GW1 et al are keeping me entertained...
    and 4) It has just been the holiday season in the US after all folks. Can't really expect much info during that time. But, there's normally a general re-invigorated spirit after festive periods, so would expect a doubling of efforts and hopefully some info soon

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    Well, I heard about GW2 pretty early it's been a while. Am super excited - before 6 months ago I would check progress and then forget about it again.

    Now I check progress most days because it feels like we're on the last leg of the journey...I also really like the GW2 crowd here, so like to check in.

    It feels as if the game should be released in 3-6 months...that's just pulling numbers out of the air. My reasoning is the closed-beta announce...and also that they're concentrating on polish etc. More than 6 months would make me feel that they've spotted some major flaw that needs a decent rewrite to fix - I just don't get that feeling.

    All speculation, obviously...we'll see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edgecrusherO0 View Post
    Not yet, but it does get pretty frustrating at times -_-
    Yeh. My advice is, find some others games to pass time(there are a ton of nice ones coming up, as mentioned above) or in my case, be busy with university. You'll regain interest the moment they launch an open beta and release date, trust me!

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    Taking the time to release a finished and polished product is very good. I had lost interest in GW2 after hearing some information about the game I don't like but I've recently renewed my interest in this game. ArenaNet taking their time to release this game in a very polished state is giving me more confidence that this game will be good.

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    If only they would release an Open Beta already >_>

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    How can you lose interest in something before its even released?

    There are plenty of other games to play up until its released. Sure Ill be there to give it a try when its released, but I just wonder what you will do if the game sucks. Those 5 years of sitting on the edge of your seat waiting will be wasted.

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    I want to show you my facial expression when I have the game, but I brought someone with me who can do it a lot better.

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    Still haven't lost interest. I used to be a bit hyped for it, that's gone now though, but I think that's not a bad thing. I'll still pick it up when it comes out.

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    A diff genre game, SC 2 took 12y to come out. Everyone that played it will tell you it was worth the wait. SWTOR was announced in 2008 if I am not mistaken and released in 2011, 3 years after. Look in the swtor forum about people complaining about bugs/crappy customer sup etc. Rather have a functional game than something not playable to its full extent. Another example is FF 14. So just hang in there.
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    OVER HYPE a game before its released, and if any disappointments occur for whatever reason, it will be heavy since you put very high expectations.

    OT : I temporarily lost interest mainly cuz of my pc :P
    "Next-Gen" is only a marketing label and not an actual advancement in the Graphics side of games, so quit fooling yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ButterToast View Post
    OVER HYPE a game before its released, and if any disappointments occur for whatever reason, it will be heavy since you put very high expectations.

    OT : I temporarily lost interest mainly cuz of my pc :P
    Honestly, the hype has started from out the Guild Wars community, since the GW2 announcement it was quiet for about 1,5 year about the game. Because when Anet used terms like; Dynamic, new, and no more Healer/Tank/DPS terms, the community went OMG, and made people crazy about the game. But I'm sure that every one of them will glare at the release date when it's announced

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    If you start loosing interest for GW2 just open youtube and check this : ;D

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    Just turned interested when seeing this gigantic post about it on this forum earlier today. Looking forward to it now =)

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