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    $60 or $80 deluxe?

    Hey guys, I've been following GW2 as of late and I'm definitely purchasing it.

    I was curious, what the consensus was on how worth it the deluxe version. It has the:
    Summon Mistfire Wolf Elite Skill
    Miniature Rytlock
    Golem Banker
    Chalice of Glory
    Tome of Influence

    So the Golem is only usable for 5 days, the Chalice and Tome are 1 time uses, the Rytlock is a vanity pet, so the Mistfire Wolf is a spell you will always have I take it? How worth it is the deluxe version? Are you guys getting it?

    Also, by the game launching on August 25th, that means at Friday, at 11:59pm people will be about to log in, correct?

    Thanks for any info!

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    I bought the $60. There was nothing in there that was worth and extra 20 for me. I'm sure the Mistfire Wolf won't be the only elite skill you can summon. and bragging rights isn't worth $20 either.

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    They said the servers could be open up to 3 hours early. So Pacific time would be 9 at the earliest, east coast would be midnight.

    Mistfire wolf is also classified as a "racial" skill , meaning its not as strong as proffesion racials because its suppose to be cosmetic.
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    as above person said. servers could be up 3 hours earlier so they are ready for the ''special hour'' (when it's ''supposed'' to launch). So my guess would be that there will be maybe few problems the first 3 hours, like server reset and such. So if you are going online 3 hours earlier, which I will), expect some issues
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    Not worth $20 for sure unless you want to help them make some money, but it's not like it's a new indie company.

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    I got deluxe version in my store for cost of standard. So choice for me was obvious. When it comes to 55eur vs 75eur... im not 100% sure If Id get Deluxe or not, CE for sure, but DE... dont know really.
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    Awesome, I will settle with the $60. Thanks for the info guys.

    And cool! That's exciting that the servers are coming on up to 3 hours early.

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    Maybe if there was more permanent items. I don't think it's worth it with all the non-permanent items.

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    Depends on if you are gonna upgrade it later or not. If you are gonna buy the gems to upgrade it yourself with USD then take deluxe now it is cheaper otherwise you pay $85, if you are buying gems through gold to get upgrade then take standard probably ;P

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    Go with the $60 version if still doubting.
    They said it will be possible to get an upgrade for $20 once the game hits live.

    Edit: typo
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    While I'd love to have the deluxe edition, I'd rather save that $20 towards the new vid card I'll need to run GW2 on max.
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    Got the Deluxe, least I could do for an mmo I don't have to pay monthly for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Assass1n View Post
    I bought the $60. There was nothing in there that was worth and extra 20 for me. I'm sure the Mistfire Wolf won't be the only elite skill you can summon. and bragging rights isn't worth $20 either.
    It is if you want to:
    A) Be a special snowflake
    B) Support ArenaNet further
    C) Don't find $20 to be a significant amount of money
    D) All of the above

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    I like option B lol.

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    I bought the cheaper one, basic was expensive enough as it is. I rarely find use for the ingame items.
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    Save the extra $20 for more practical & useful purchases.

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    You can't use it until you unlock elite skills, at which time you will already have one and be able to use this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naidia View Post
    Got the Deluxe, least I could do for an mmo I don't have to pay monthly for.
    Just because you don't pay for a fee it doesn't mean the game is free. You'll most likely buy stuff on the store for the same price you pay a fee, second you will buy a expansion for the price of 60ish each 6 month anyway. So actually this is a other way of saying, we don't got monthly fee, but if you want to enjoy our game you have to buy expansion packs. Which then translates into a 6 MONTH subscription, so you play or not, you still bought it and already paid for 6 months ahead. Think of that.
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    I personally went with the DDE. I just can't NOT have Rytlock follow me around everywhere.

    Plus I guess Ghost Wolfies are pretty cool too.
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    Also you cannot use this skill in PvP

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