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    Resonant Rise 3 v FTB Infinity

    We are looking at starting a new modded server using either RR 3 or FTB Infinity (both

    I just want to see if anyone has experience with both packs ? From what i can gather RR3 has more mods but therefore it is a much heavier pack to host / play on. FTB Infinity seems to be a bit more lightweight, but we still want a lot of mods to vary the gameplay.

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    RR3 hands down!
    As you said it has more mods. Better for a Host to pick the ones the ppl like to play. You can always add or remove mods later on.
    But yes its a much heavier pack to host. But the best out there.

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    Infinity has the most cohesive gameplay of any minecraft pack I've played. It's legitimately difficult to enjoy others after having played infinity evolved expert.
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    They both have pros and cons, I guess my vote is for infinity.

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