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    Dirt or Gravel paths for realistic medieval world?

    Hello, a friend and I are trying to create as realistic a world as possible. We've came to the conclusion that cobblestone paths everywhere are only practical for very popular and travelled areas leading to towns, but the majority of paths in out world should be the paths you normally see, e.g gravel or coarse dirt.

    What do you think makes more sense? To me they both seem like the same thing. Thoughts?

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    Podzol looks the best for mideval paths

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    dirt will get overgrown by grass, so id say gravel

    as for podzol, doesnt that grow over grass the same way mycelium does? might make a mess

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    I hate the sound gravel makes when you walk on it, so squishy.

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    Coarse Dirt doesn't get overgrown by grass. Looks pretty nice too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shrouded View Post
    Coarse Dirt doesn't get overgrown by grass. Looks pretty nice too.
    Was about to say that.
    Craft it with dirt and gravel in a square:
    Dirt Gravel
    Gravel Dirt
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    I think that gravel would be better or sand as one of the options.

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    If you're on PC, you could use Granite (not Polished Granite), it looks close to dirt, but with a slightly lighter brown. Or Coarse Dirt, if you'd want it to be darker.
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    I think dirt would be more realistic, assuming that what we see in movies / TV shows of the period can be considered realistic!

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    Dirt looks great, but as stated will overgrow with grass. I found a compromise though - use brown clay. It looks enough like dirt to look nice, and won't overgrow. (Podzol looks great too, but I am using XBox360 version and it isn't available.)

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