How to Obtain a Large Amount of Diamond in Minecraft

This is a step by step guide to finding diamond ore in the PC version of Minecraft .
  1. Diamond is found near Bedrock. – Press F3 and note current Y-location. Bedrock stops at the 6thlevel.
  2. Diamond is between levels of bedrock and 16 only.
  3. Diamond is best found if you dig between layers 10 and 16(watch out for lava pools at layer 10. Some say layer 12 is optimal so lava pools do not leak into your mining area and I agree). Layers 7 through 10 provide equal bedrock amounts, but a chance at dying to lava.
  4. Utilize large caverns.When you come across a large, dark cavern, explore it!
  5. Then go to the next cavern and walk through until there is more diamond. Sometimes a bunch of diamond will be near other diamond, so keep looking after finding a small amount.

Use Too Much TNT Mod or Super TNT Mod sparingly – It’s a great tool to plow through rock quickly but you may destroy diamond with it so be careful.

Take a bucket of water ‘” you will catch on fire from lava sometimes and water will save you. Other times you will pour it over lava to make obsidian to walk on.
Using method 3 above I have found the most diamond quickly. My husband would mine at bedrock while I searched for caverns. After an hour I would ask how much diamond he had (maybe 8-15) and I would end up with about 24.

Once you obtain a reasonable amount of diamond dig to the surface and plant it in a chest (or have a chest near bedrock and add to it). Otherwise you might die because of one step in the wrong direction or end up in a lava pool and lose everything.
Always take wood with you (just in case you get stuck or lost at bedrock without an axe – or need more torches). You want to be able to make one so you aren’t trapped with just your hand to painstakingly dig out of the cave. Also take a crafting table (I just take wood to make planks , sticks, or a crafting table on the fly without taking up much inventory).

I suggest taking 200 or more torches (to light up dark caverns).
Take food . You will need it. I suggest one bowl and 5-10 of each mushroom for a several hour long excavation adventure.
Take defense (a sword or bow and 64 arrows – you will encounter mobs in dark caverns).

Good luck – feel free to ask questions and I will promptly reply. Images are server /give command oriented; this information does not require mods, servers, or any hacks. I do not support tainting the game by using the /give command as the fun in Minecraft is derived by mining and finding the diamond yourself! Enjoy!