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    does anyone have a server running this? I would really like to explore it, but not sure I want to download it

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    Downloaded right away when the download link came up. Been waiting for this for a long time. Have only had time to check it out for half an hour or so yet, but gotta say, it is amazing. Awesome work, man.
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    nice post =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramsesakama View Post
    So, if someone wanted to scale mount hyjal from base to summit, they can do that just fine, even though it's over 1000 blocks tall.
    About that. Is there a plan to finish Hyjal's peak and Nordrassil?
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    Quote Originally Posted by syteless View Post
    About that. Is there a plan to finish Hyjal's peak and Nordrassil?
    It may be added in a later update but I haven't done it right now.

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    Just wanted to say congrats on getting this featured by the Yogscast, that's pretty cool mate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Madgod View Post
    Just wanted to say congrats on getting this featured by the Yogscast, that's pretty cool mate.
    Oh cool, thanks for letting me know. I hadn't seen it yet =p

    Also, someone did a nice livestream of the map yesterday too:
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    Hello, I just wanted to ask, would you be willing to release a copy of your software, because i'm very interested in this. If you do, a small tutorial would be idea. Thanks for the consideration! I would love to get myself some maps from games! I would'nt release them and if I did , I would give you the honors!

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    Nice.. remember reading this over at minepick news. I used to play wow and now seeing all this is quite cool. It looks very much the same on the images as it does in actual wow. I know you didn't create each block by hand but it's still pretty cool one software can do all this. Good job.

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    Good luck in this project it seems like its gonna be a lot of hard work :P

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    Holy crap, that looks amazing dude!

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    Wow - I just wanted to say that's pretty damn incredible.

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    Was wondering what happened with this. Seen an update on WoWI today so I can here and seen it was still back 2-3 pages.

    Check the op and seen it was updated yesterday. :P

    Very nice work OP and thanks for the map download.

    Also if anyone wants to see it.
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    Looks amazing. What a motivation and patience

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    wow...this is insane! Props!!

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    Was wondering when somebody would do this, keep building xD

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    Anyone running a server with this map?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PepperjackJig View Post
    Anyone running a server with this map? (1.6.4)

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    its looking really pretty, cant wait to see the end result

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