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    FPS issues since the patch? Try this...

    I thought I might share this thread in case people are suffering from FPS issues since the patch. It basically resets the settings:

    Source: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=192790

    Greetings all. I know we have all been having trouble with the new patch and fps. I actually did something that returned my game to pre-1.1 fps and graphics. I saw this hinted to in another post, and I just want to verify that it worked for me.
    So, what I did was go to my settings folder (C:\Users\Jae\AppData\Local\SWTOR\swtor\settings), do not paste this into your search bar, because it has my name in it, but follow a similar path. Take your client_settings.ini and Graphics_mirror.ini files out of that folder and move them to the desktop (in case this doesn't work). Then load the game normally, and at the character selection screen, bring up your graphic settings and change them as you desire and apply. Then spawn in.
    My fps went right back to where I had managed to get them pre-1.1 after this short process. Hope it helps someone else.

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    Since the patch my FPS feels as if its doubled lol. Its a shame Vsync dont work AGAIN! tho -.-

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    Thanks for the post Crowe. Going to sticky this for the time being while the patch is fresh.

    For experienced WoW players this will be the same as "deleting your wtf/cache/interface" folders. I imagine that by deleting the previously mentioned files, or moving them, essentially restores your settings to default.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shyzhi View Post
    Since the patch my FPS feels as if its doubled lol. Its a shame Vsync dont work AGAIN! tho -.-
    Likewise. Perhaps they fixed a performance problem that only affected some systems, but my FPS now with shadows on high is as good as it used to be with shadows on low. So for me at least, something got a lot better.

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    I play with pretty much everything on low and my FPS has taken a nosedive after the patch. Will try this out tomorrow for sure!
    Me sorry. Not do bad again, honest. :<

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    This made my fps worse...
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    Quote Originally Posted by vizzle View Post
    This made my fps worse...
    Replace the .ini where you found it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shyzhi View Post
    Since the patch my FPS feels as if its doubled lol. Its a shame Vsync dont work AGAIN! tho -.-
    mide doubled as well. i could barely play even at all mins, but now i have all maxed and its extremely smooth on my three-years-old toshiba laptop

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    I can't even find the .ini folders
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    Quote Originally Posted by Synbaby View Post
    I can't even find the .ini folders
    the best way to find it is to click on your start button and in the search field type %AppData%. Type it with the % signs. It will bring up a folder called roaming I believe. Click on that. In the address bar at the top of the search window click on "Local" and find the swtor folder.

    Hope that helps.

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    Funny enough my FPS didnt really change, but the game looks way better. I can only assume AA is working now.

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    My FPS didn't change and game looks pretty much the same as before patch for me.

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    My fps shot up to pretty much double outdoors (averaging 50). Indoors/fleet drops to about 20 though. Thanks for the tip. I guess BW fixed something, since the I didn't have to modify the .ini anymore. Everything looks way better, I even have AA on low setting (actually, AA on low seemed to keep my fps more stable for some reason).

    For those having issues with the forced bloom, using the tip mentioned by OP also allows you to turn off that and change all the other settings to your liking. I'm actually playing with higher settings than before the patch and am really really happy.

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    What I did is just clicked a default button in UI - Graphics settings. And then changed settings to my will.
    It helped me.

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    Thanks for this post, I'll try it when the servers are back up. However I don't think my FPS has changed much since the patch; the only issue I have is my screen blacking out all the time (showing a loading screen for a split second). Before the patch I had always a small stutter when I saw someone spawning on my screen (Aion had this issue as well). Now after the patch I don't have the stutter anymore but a split second loading screen. It's really annoying, and I guess there's no fix for it?

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    The reason why you guys are getting lower FPS is because you had your game set on ultra before the patch, and before the patch the settings did nothing low, med, high, ultra were all the same, Patch 1.1 added the true textures in, Your computers just can't handle it. i'm getting about 67 FPS on my computer with no issues and everything looks amazing.

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    followed this all the way thro but once i got to the 2nd last part inside swtor folder there is no settings and i know ive changed things
    just want to try this to see if it will help my fps dunno where the settings would be

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