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    Quote Originally Posted by Braindwen View Post
    Just as a note, it already is. Sitting happily in the Important/Helpful Threads sticky:

    I almost want to see what the druid forums would look like if every one of those was a separate sticky .
    Wow, I've honestly never looked at that topic til now. I feel silly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackfoo View Post

    not always wow but mostly i do raid alot on differnt druids will be moving stream to twitch at some point
    What spec are you so I can add it to the correct section.

    Also, updated to here.

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    Our first kill of Blackhorn heroic 25. Feral DPS PoV. Set to 1080p for best quality.

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    this is my channel, mostly resto vids with some of them being in moonkin - zonozz - ultraxion - spine

    I was moonkin on yorsahj, gunship and madness so there are none from these. Hagara and Morchok died on the first couple of pulls when I didn't even have fraps on.
    Tortie - Night Elf Druid - The Maelstrom EU

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    Would love if you could update my link, just switched to own3d since I couldn't stream in 1080p at twitch for some reason I can't explain. I just updated to own3d and it goes smoothly.

    Here's the new link:

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    www twitch tv/static_jaggerz
    25 HM Resto Druid stream. 6/8 HM working on spine. We raid Wed/Thurs/Friday from 8:30-12:30 EST. Mumble is included. If you have any questions about myself, the stream, druids, the guild, or whatever feel free to contact me in game. You can armory me and find my server
    www .staticraid com -- My link is there again, along with our Shadow Priest, Rogue, and Ele Shaman streams if you're interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myrrar View Post
    What spec are you so I can add it to the correct section.

    Also, updated to here.
    fixed sorry about that

    fellow guildie boomkin pov

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    Streaming Heroic 25 Blackhorn and then possibly some of 25 Heroic Spine. Streams up now, starting shortly.

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    FatSharkYes on Shattered Hand EU 14/14 HC

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    Almost no balance druid vids? Thats hurtfull!
    Its not much, and not very pro, but here's what I got atleast:
    Rexakin Bal Druid Channel

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    I might start streaming, if I can get xsplit to stream more than just the upper left corner of my screen. (boomkin here). Since there are almost no Balance druid vids, I might start recording our heroic DS kill this week, depending whether I'm in the group.
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    Check out my youtube channel of fail:

    8/8Hc DS

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    I will be streaming DS hc 10 man on Wednesday at 7pm gmt+1 we'll most likely get 7/8 down. (resto PoV)

    (I still can't post links, so it's Xfire, and <solishe>)

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    I stream sometimes, but we only raiding once a week so we are only 2/8 HC atm, but i usually doing movies of our heroic kills which i upload to my youtube channel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pakoa View Post
    Anyone putting up videos should record with vent instead of music, just sayin. I really like being able to see how the guild works during a fight
    I like to play music but leave vent just loud enough to hear in the background for most of my videos (haven't recorded anything in DS though, just FL stuff)

    (some of the music is played as a joke )

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    Uhm, I know that Fragnance of Ascendance from Alonsus-EU has a stream up, 8/8 heroic Feral cat perspective.

    Great stream
    You can say I'm just a fool, that stands for nothing, well to that
    Formerly known as Eniah/Enyah

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    Guess you beat me to it Eniah <3... Hehe...
    I'm Fragnance and I livestream at Twitch, I'm a Feral Cat and I do take pride in being one.

    Anyways, as said above I mainly stream Feral PVE & PVP
    The PVE Content is 8/8 25HC
    PVP Content is 2400 Rating + Arenas.

    I stream aswell other games, but mainly on the Kitty.
    - Got some High WOL Numbers, for those interested in that mainly. Just finished progression, so pressure should be off our shoulders.

    Make sure to checkout the stream Twitch.TV/Fragnance

    I mainly stream in [HD Resolutions]: 1080p30fps or 720p60fps. There are ofcourse several options for those with less bandwith.

    Raid Scheduele: 19:30 - 24:00 Mon > Thusrday incl. Sunday, I do stream off-days too where I play either PVE or PVP too.
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