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    <Refined> Area 52 US 41
    Guardian Druid PoV

    We are streaming all evening beta boss releases and select afternoon bosses. Everyone is more than welcome to come watch how guardians are performing in beta and strategies we use for the current bosses. Feel free to ask any questions in chat, i will respond as quickly as possible. Also feel free to give any advice on bosses and strats that we may have overlooked. Thank You!

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    From now I'll make Balance videos instead of Feral at my channel: Youtube

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    Just gonna post my Boomkin stream for fun.

    I stream 10 and/or 25 man raids Wed/Thurs @ 5:30 to 8:30 PST and other random times. Currently I am 2/6 Heroic. Come check out the stream and hang out!
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    might as well psot mine. PVP mostly. arena rbg random bg fun! be my guests!

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    Didn't realize ter was a stream vid on the druid forums
    Posted some of my vids in the raid forum, but here you go for the druids out ter

    H stone guard 9 manned- resto pov

    H feng - resto pov

    H Gara - tank pov

    H Spirit - feral pov

    H Elegon - tank pov

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    Hey, since i been doing some recording alot of my raiding.

    this is just 1 of my vids

    Feral cat PoV for HC stone guard 25:

    go to my channel if you want to see more feral pov.

    From this upcomeing wednesday i should also be getting my stream up and running again. at

    (cant post links yet :P)

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    I do high rated druid content :d

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    I think the links are in my comment? Anyways streaming heroic 25 man raiding, currently 5/6 and hopefully Will dies tonight.
    Jahlove, Troll Druid of <Huge in Japan>
    Armory | JahUI Download | Raid Livestream | Youtube

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    Was planning to do multi-pov but couldnt get hold of range pov :[
    so here is dance dance revolution heroic will

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    My name is Benskibro of Reunited (H) Emerald Dream. We are currently 6/6MSV and 2/6 HOF on 25 mans. We jst currently switched to 25 so its a transition. We still do our core 10s.

    -I play started playing a Balance Druid during the start of MOP. Im still learning along the way so any questions are welcome! I do Random streams as well so just check in the regular so just subscribe!

    Our Raid times are Tues/Wed/Thur 8-11pm Est <----

    On every 50 Subscribers im gonna Raffle a Gaming Mouse/headsets/keyboards to my followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ^ I am also planning on running a tutorial on Balance spec/rotation/forging/etc for all the new Balance players in MOP later on tonight after the raid.

    -live now
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  12. #92 eu outland alliance - Svea livgarde 25 man raid.
    Balanced pov - 100% swedish.

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    Guild BPEMETO 10man - Emeriss EU
    Streaming schedule :

    Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur/Sunday - from 20:30 to 24h - GMT+2 time - Balance Druid PoV - Shadow Priest on alt raid. - gonna be uploading videos here.
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