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    If there's product advertising within Titan, I can assure you that there will be many people not playing it.
    This a million times.

    No one is going to want to play a game that has advertisements. I'm already annoyed as shit with Television ones.

    On a side note, why do commercials other than the Superbowl's exist?
    I can understand movie and television show advertisements, since I wouldn't know about them any other way(Eventually, yes, but the majority of people learn about new shows and movies from trailers on T.V.), but products that I buy at the store, I NEVER base off of a commercial.

    Every time they come on, me and everyone I've ever known always just mutes and/or walks away from the T.V. for a bit.
    I never buy the product on commercials, because if I've been buying a different product, I'm not going to all of a sudden buy their's because of a commercial.

    I know there's the whole psychological aspect too, with the fact that if you see and hear it over and over, it sticks in your mind, and therefore you're more likely to purchase that product, just on how it feels based on how often you hear and see about it.

    But most people shop by value, do they not?
    And 95% of the time, products that are significantly cheaper, are just as reliable etc.
    If anything, I find that major company's products have gone further and further down hill in quality.

    I dunno. Maybe just me.
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    Oh please, the most you'll see the advertisements will be on side boards like in SC2 or on random items like in the Battlefield series. Stop blowing it out of proportion. Do you people get upset when they advertise in movies?

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    Could mean anything, really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dhrizzle View Post
    There's a massive difference between casual games like Farmville and pretty much any MMO, you might as well say they were making the game more like Tetris.

    Anyhow notice they say he will be looking in to product placement and licensing, so we'll probably see a lot of products that have payed to advertise in game (i.e. coke cans, certain brands of chocolate, billboards etc) but also products that require games to pay them a licensing fee (cars and guns for example - in Goldeneye they had the "Soviet" rifle because they didn't want to pay for the AK-47 brand).

    Probably the biggest clue to what Titan will be like, current time or near-future Earth I'm guessing :-)
    ah ha! I can see it now.

    Blizzards new cutting edge mmo will be titled "TRL 2020" or "The Real Life 2020". In the game you'll get to experience the joys of finding a full time job, thankfully Blizzard will assist you finding a job by opening the "BVO" or "Blizzard virtual office", you'll have fun with your friends attending meetings and filling out spread sheets for Blizzard quarterly reports, before working your way up the corporate chain to "Helpdesk" where you'll be able to experience the complexities of TRL 2020 by responding to actual helpdesk queries!

    After a "fun" evening of working for Blizzard you'll be able to visit the local virtual bar where for a low cost of credits (purchasable through the "BIGS" or "Blizzard in game store" you'll be able to purchase a glass of coke, or bottle of heineken if over 18

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    In game advertising through actual items or by restriction (or playing advertising before access to the game is granted) would be gravely detrimental.

    I could see small advertisments in the bottom left or right hand of character profiles and menu screens that wouldn't effect gameplay as being an option however.

    I always thought in game advertising would be something you would see a lot in SC2 seeing as how they have an esports thing goin that could easily be taken advantage of.

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    Im betting you watch ads and you get paid credits which you then use on its real money auction house fees... yay Activision.
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