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    Quote Originally Posted by Vezrah View Post
    Are you sure it's not largest heal received?

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    Shadow, 319 days played

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ineras View Post
    Largest heal cast: 18,446,744,073,709,547,864
    Total healing done: 1,478,925,371

    Does not compute....
    I got the same thing on my shaman cept im at 3 billion >.> got to check my other healers ... too bad my paladin on a different account which is off at. I used to heal with him in wotlk including that healing boss fight in icc ...

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    15,321,041,186 healing done.

    68 days played. Rerolled like 2 weeks before wotlk, so all my raiding is in Cata on my current main.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorfie View Post
    12 Billion

    It says I cast an 18 quintillion heal lol
    maybe that was on me?

    Largest heal received: 18446744073709543020.

    Total healing done 6514098549. It has existed since vanilla though with 53 days played.
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    8,242,480,661 at the moment.
    Largest heal cast is just a --.

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    As much as i know this is a priest thread;

    on my druid (never been resto):


    on my priest (didnt play it untill cata):


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    On my priest: 8.9 billion healing

    Also 5.5 billion dmg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ineras View Post
    Largest heal cast: 18,446,744,073,709,547,864
    Total healing done: 1,478,925,371

    Does not compute....
    It does not count overhealing.
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    8,003,880,830 total healing done but to be honest I doubt it recorded all the stats from day 1 back in vanilla this is why I have gripes with the whole achievement system and stats as the majority of us have a blank sheet for the stuff we did before the system was implemented.

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    Total healing done: 11,123,802,897
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    Total healing done: 8,370,608,245

    My statistics also tell me that I've never killed any of the cata 5man bosses other than Erudax (just once!) on normal...

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    Total healing done:


    played this since 4.2ish

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    Not that much, all things considering.
    Retired Holy Priest
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iannis View Post
    19 billion since LK? Jeebus son...
    add on to that 55,524,464,320 damage done and it's probably no surprise I worked from home for a year with nothing more than 'be near the phone' to occupy my time.
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    4 850 803 913

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    14 billion, didnt heal in wotlk

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    Just for kicks
    DK 1,772,118,046 done, 3,236,617,401 taken. About 35% of all healing done by myself and I'm dps ms.
    Rogue: 10,117,177 done, 68,330,155 taken/ About 13%

    Was a Dps untill ICC then started my druid so most is just cata healing:

    All my other healers started about a month before FL.
    Paladin: 2,070,328,419
    Priest: 686,504,054
    Shaman: 5,681 (lv 15)

    Total: 14,623,492,406

    Whats kinda funny is that in one DS fight that I have to heal 12million healing per fight and that is more then total of my rogue.

    edit: Missed page two but my dk has done a 3,741,293 in one hit and 2,400,000 is largest heal cast. Most of that is from the original dk quest where you use to get supper buff that made you one shot everything on the last quest.
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