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i run haste/crit build and ive done so since beginning of cata. In 10 man this is they way to go, no question about it. Who ever said that Disc is about preventing damage not healing should delete his priest and start a new class he would prolly be better at. With 5/8 hc down and working on warmaster and 5 years as healer i fell pretty comfortable with healing and looking at my logs my PW:S only heals/absorbs 10% of all my healing/arborbs done. Pw:s in general in 10 man is mostly use for rapture proc + the oh fuck situation where someone is about to die, the days of shielding everyone like a tard r over.
With 19% haste and 21% crit + as little as possible mastery my DA makes it out for 30ish % of my healing done and since the benefit that DA gets of mastery is next to nothing its just not worth it.

Crit/haste has made me able to push some very good burst when needed and earned me a 82 spot of worldoflogs on our first warlord hc kill aswell. If anyone still wanna reforge mastery for 10 man as disc, and bubble spam like wotlk, be my guest, you r only gimping yourself and your own raid.

Partially wrong, mostly offensive, and completely ignorant. Telling players to reroll because they don't agree with you is not the best way to make an argument.

Iizon has the metric for 10m disc priest healing right on... for most situations. Disc priest is the most challenging class to heal with because it is the most proactive style of healing possible. Not only do we have to think about precasting, but we have to plan several seconds (up 15 seconds, the cooldown on weakened soul) ahead of time to make our heals most efficient.

PoH in any build will be the highest hps per cast assuming there is little to no overheal. The problem with a party-wide heal that is not a smart heal (unlike CoH, CH, or WG) is that not everyone in the party takes the same amount of damage at the same rate. Even under static damage like Ultraxion, some classes take more damage than others (think hunter vs. ele shaman with talent points). However, Ultraxion damage is not the norm for DS. Most of the fights have heavy, spikey, but often predictable damage. Thus, like Iizon was talking about the most efficient use of absorbs and healing is to complement bubbles with PoH to prioritize the healing to key people.

However, that does not mean that high mastery builds are the way to go. Maybe for Morchok heroic where you could consistently bubble spam the five person group, but not the rest. The best solution for 10m is to be a jack-of-all-trades healer. You need to have strong bubbles and you need to have good haste and crit for the PoH, GH, and smiting you should be doing. The only thing that matters is you can play with the proportions a little bit to suit your playstyle.

If you find yourself bubbling more than some people, go ahead and let your mastery get a little higher. If you have those couple of derps that like to be a little slow getting out of fire, give them a bubble. Its only 1 gcd and its likely to be completely absorbed because they're slow. As long as you don't run oom before the fights over, you can spare it.

If you find that the tank healing and the triage healing (meaning person who will die in the next 2-3 seconds if not healed or shielded) is filled perfectly well by a paladin or a resto shaman (ive found druids have a little trickier time with triage since swiftmend and nature's swiftness are on a CD and regrowth is not quite as strong as FH, FoL, and RT/HS), feel free to stack more into crit/haste. PoH spam is very powerful. But that does not mean that PW:S should be relegated to the "rapture only" category.

Personally, I normally keep a proportions list (Haste:Mastery:Crit) somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.5 : 1 : .8. Meaning i have 50% more haste than mastery but only 20% more mastery than crit. But I shift those numbers for every encounter depending on the mechanics and what I am expected to do. For Heroic Spine and Heroic Madness, I've shifted to a slightly heavier haste/crit build, but that does not mean I neglect mastery. I still bubble a fair amount. The proportions are something more akin to 1.5 : .8 : 1 haste:mastery. That's mostly because I have found myself doing a lot more tank healing and a lot more smiting on these two encounters than the previous. On Spine, smiting is almost mandatory because of the amount of raid dps that you actually need to kill it. And on Madness with the damage and haste buff, smite is pretty powerful.

Overall, on Madness I bubble about 15%
Spine 20%
Warmaster 24%
Hagara 40% (I didnt even know it was that high!)
Zon'ozz 26%
Morchok 29%
Ultraxion 10%

***all hardmodes, averages on nights we killed it except for Madness which we have 50 attempts on.

-Aventera Wildhammer-US