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    More myth!! do we have more myths??!!
    We have finished the 3nd episode!
    But we are almost out of inspiration, so help us by posting your myths and other idea's.
    Enjoy episode 3 and don't forget to like and subscribe.

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    Would love for a competitive Fighter with League characters!

    Just a little short one this time round.

    Short, snappy and to the point regular content with a weird sense of humor.

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    A parody of an App that allows you to totally Draven-Pimp your pictures! Featuring Voice work from Blakinola!

    Short, snappy and to the point regular content with a weird sense of humor.

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    Hello there!
    Even if your team is far behind in kills, gold and minions - remember that its still possible to win! In this match our nexus is about to die, but we refuse to surrender and....well...did we manage to win or not? have a look

    Sincerely, Nox

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    Singed - Video Time lapse!

    Hello MMO champs!

    If anyone is interested here is a video time lapse a friend made for the champion singed!

    Sincerly, Nox

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    Hallo Lol fans and subscribers, I have been absent for a long time now and didnt upload any video, because i had a motorbike accident and couldnt walk for about 2 months. Sucks, doesnt it? Anyway, lets get to the point,I will spend some time to reconstruct my channel and I will upload my videos again. so I can buy some time to start making new videos. New videos are coming up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and every weekend i will have a new series of videos uploaded as soon as I finish the preparations. Thank you for your time and help,
    If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know, With love, KikMaNio

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    Oh, why did I not try this sooner?

    ★ twitter @WockyCC ★ youtube WockyCC ★ blog
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    League of Legends Top 3 PENTAKILLS - Episode 1

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    League of Legends Top 3 PENTAKILLS - Episode 2

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    League of Legends Top 3 PENTAKILLS - Episode 3

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    League of Legends Top 3 PENTAKILLS - Episode 4

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    Hey guys, not sure if this is an interesting concept, but I have a channel that i'm dedicating to teach newer/less experienced players specific roles/champions. I consider myself to be a pretty fair player, I'm currently in gold 5, rising very quickly though.

    I believe my knowledge of the game is pretty great, and posting these videos serve as not only a self evaluation, but a little bit of learning for others.

    I'm just gonna drop my channel, there's only a video out right now, but i'm currently rendering 8 more.

    I play all roles pretty effectively, if there's anything you want to see specifically on the channel, in terms of role/champion/runes, whatever. Just let me know.

    Thanks for the time of day, any courtesy likes, subscribes, or comments would be appreciated.

    watch?v=fev3WD6cqJ4 <- youtube in front of that

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    League of Legends Top 3 PENTAKILLS - Episode 5

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    My friend's first penta kill! You may know her as the legendary Minty!

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    Another League of Legends rap song Machinima. A lot of effort and time went into this one! Rap performed and written by Jesse Chisholm, and video created by myself. Enjoy!
    Short, snappy and to the point regular content with a weird sense of humor.

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    Dave, your channel seems to have blown up. I noticed Jumpinthepack liked your Toxic Rap.
    Hey everyone

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    Late Night League of Legends Gameplay Live or Recorded
    (Days may vary)

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