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    If Garen's Theme is Justice (rework)

    Then he should get more dangerous the more injustice that happens, lets crapshoot some ideas:

    Patry Utility Possibilities
    - When Courage is active everyone benefits from Perseverance
    - Judgement removes CC effects from allies when moving over them
    - Demacian Justice can be used to heal friendly champions increasing the heal based on the amount of hp lost (reverse of what it does to enemies)
    - Courage's active effects all allies

    Other Possbilities
    - The less allies that are alive the greater %AD bonus Garen gets on his skills
    - Courage's bonus armor & magic resistance increases with every nearby enemy
    - Getting hit by ranged attacks reduces the CD on decisive strike
    - Getting hit by ranged attacks increases Garens run speed and stacks
    - Getting hit by ranged attacks increases Garens range
    - Getting hit by melee attacks reduces the CD of Courage
    - Perseverance takes effect for 'x' seconds after being critically hit
    - Perseverance takes effect at all times below 30% hp

    So actually sort of think of it like underdog mechanics the greater the odds the stronger he becomes
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