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    How did you take the Hai retirement?

    Personally I was quite sad about the announcement of Hai's retirement but also understood that it is probably best for the team to get a more mechanically skilled player. What was your reactions?

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    The writing was on the wall. I am a big Cloud 9 fan and I was hoping they'd go to MSI and he could retire after that. But with that dream dead now was as good a time as any. Maybe the rumors of them bringing in incarnation a few weeks back weren't so wrong. We'll know more after MSI I'm sure when teams finalize their rosters for the Summer split.

    I just hope C9 doesn't backslide this summer. Yes the Spring split was really rough, but I'm hoping they can take the momentum from the end of the Spring split into the Summer split.

    Though how it 'impacted me' I suppose I was a little sad, but he seems like a stand up guy from everything I've seen so it feels more like an opportunity then anything. The end of the interview he did with Travis though where he says, "I do this with my teammates when we win" as he fist pumps him gave me sad chills. Dunno why.

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    Honestly couldn't give two shits. He was a good player and all that stuff, but meh.

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    It was a change that needed to happen to be honest and losing to TSM in the finals was merely the final nail in the coffin. Though his shot-calling was great, his personal skill has been the team's weak point as of late.

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    If it aint CLG, I don't care. That said pretty much what everyone else said, spring split made it somewhat obvious that it was coming.

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