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    Ping raises to 500, disconnected, gg ~

    It's the second time this shit happens to me.

    I'm playing just fine, my ping suddenly rises to 500, I get disconnected and it just won’t let me reconnect, tried rebooting my router, game, computer, nothing!
    It is not from my internet, since everything else just works bloody fine when this stuff happens. Therefore I guess the issue is once again on the EUW servers =/ Anyone else getting this?

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    Haven't played in a while, but about a month ago when I was playing a lot, this shit was happening all the time. Along with sometimes not being able to connect/load in the first place.

    Even had one game with Anivia where I kept DCing every 15 seconds. LITERALLY. For 26 minutes. No break. Sometimes my FPS goes crazy as well. Usually have 25-30, sometimes it drops to 10 for no fucking reason. Every single program on my PC is turned off and my FPS just randomly drops.

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    It's not just EUW. Happens on NA as well. Completely random as far as I can tell. Riot even took down ranked queues last night to try and fix it.

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    I only had a problem once with the servers since I play (EUW). I guess I am lucky.

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    I'm smurfing on NA currently because EUW ping is just dreadful for some reason currently.
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