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    in Limbo... damn the Wi-fi is expensive here...
    Jaesa as a date... Blizz as a bud to get dfrunk with, the little guy is awesome and funny

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    not exactly a date ... but i really want to kick Corso Riggs in the face. hard.
    annoying sissy

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    She is just so awesome. Wants to progress herself, and is curious about the universe in general. My kinda girl. Now we just gotta get those "flesh-y" addons :P

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    This needs a Poll!

    Jaesa Willsaam for a Date.

    Blizz for drinking or just hanging out with a buddy.

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    She's wierd, shares my sense of humor and isn't a robot, which is always a plus.
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    Light side Jaesa and Vette easily.

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    Vette love the comments she makes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexandrus View Post
    If Jaesa wasn't so insane Dark Side, then I'd pick her. As it stands, I'd prolly have to go with Dorne or Nadia or Vette.
    Yeah, dark side Jaesa is a psycho, seriously...

    For me - Vette, just with normal hair, skin color and ears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grantji View Post
    not exactly a date ... but i really want to kick Corso Riggs in the face. hard.
    annoying sissy
    Even more annoying than ship droid? Nothing can beat him at annoying people, even I. :/

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    I would have to say Vette, there is just something about her very cocky with a great sense of humour. The first scene you meet her I knew she would be my Warriors companion of choice.
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    Definitely Kira.
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    Raina Temple, she's amazing ( with customization 2/4)

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    Malavai Quinn! i always wanted a guy kissing my feet

    When you look long enough, Diglett's nose turns into a mouth with 1 tooth!

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    Kaliyo, but with hair :>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itisamuh View Post
    Haha same here! But being good looking helps too. No matter how sweet, I would not date a girl with giant tentacles hanging from her head.
    Dude, those aren't giant tentacles from her head:

    They're handlebars for doggystyle.

    So the correct answer is Vette and the same time. Dark Jaesa turns into an absolute nympho, psycho, but still a nympho, and she'll do anything you say, so she'll be happy to join you in making Vette say "Boom!" Heh, now you weren't asking me which one I'd marry...

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    vette, also for thoes who havent done the inq. story line do it. (yes i know shes a sith warrior comp. but she shows up for one of the quest and its awesome)

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    I'd double team Blizz with M1-4X. Beautiful human-jawa-wardroid orgies commence.

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    I don't know what to say. It's just sad. :/

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    Kira and Mako, i dont find twileks good looking

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