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    Kaliyo or SCORPIO

    Even better: Both at the same time

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    Mako, Jaesa or Nadia.
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    Male here and Khem Val

    (jk Xalek) <3

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    I would take Theran Cedrax the deserts of Tatooine and put a blade through his head.

    "FFS, I KNOW you are a pacifist. Yes, you have mentioned it."


    "Ahhhhhhhh, peace."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Awfulx View Post
    Khem Val
    That pale skin, those beady eyes, and that millennia old diaper....OH YES!

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    Jaesa Willsaam for sure

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    This thread makes me feel uncomfortable.

    ...Vette <3

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    Malavai Quinn, anytime, anywhere <3 Looove that char
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    Dark Jaesa Willsaam. Man, I would love her IRL!

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    probably Mako actually. she's got the internet in her freaking head. how cool is that? besides that she'd help make me money.

    other human girls, well I think i'd get along great with Kira. Jaesa would be interesting as well.

    Vette would be some good twi'lek action.

    possibly Nadia/Azshara but haven't seen much of them yet. I like Kaliyo/Temple but probably not outside of game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by belfpala View Post
    Yeah, I know, pixels and all that.

    For me, Mako. She just wants me to make money and be kind to people. Then she heals me. Win.
    Same for me, she and only she I once had a friend like, but not anymore. Still on a quest to find another, so far 2 years without a luck.

    Eventually Vette.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feline Grace View Post
    Malavai Quinn, anytime, anywhere <3 Looove that char
    Quinn and I are having an epic bromance accross the stars.

    unholytestament: Time to destroy the Empire's enemies!
    Malavai Quinn: Aye aye, sir. +20
    *epic battle scene*
    ut: God damn I'm awesome.
    MQ: Right you are, sir. +15
    Some would ask
    "How could a perfect God create a universe with so much that is evil?"
    They have missed a greater conundrum
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    Defs Raina temple

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    ISnt mako supposed to be like 16?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twiddly View Post
    ISnt mako supposed to be like 16?
    Umm... there's nothing to indicate that in game...

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    Mako or Elara. Fourx would be a fun guy to have around though.
    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodias View Post
    Sadly, with those actors... the "XXX Adaptation" should really be called 50 shades of watch a different porno.
    Muh main

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    Tharan Cedrax ... or Vector. Vector's voice is so awesome.
    the spice must flow.

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    Mako is too carebear. Dark side Jaesa is too dirty.

    Kaliyo I think is the right balance - again, with hair

    100 points to whoever says Doctor Lokin, rakghoul fetish ftw :>

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    Kira rawks mah Knightly sawks!!

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