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    Quote Originally Posted by Freyera View Post
    No one denounces the Melons!
    i don't denounce them.. i just smash them to pieces...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruomlig View Post
    I'm still not sure of the extent of things that are considered off-topic, (Is it all posts? Just media posts? From this it seems like all posts, due to the fact that Sunshine said it wasn't bandwidth related.) but this is unfortunate, at least from my point of view, being as most of the stuff posted here no longer has anything to do with ponies.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lunaeria View Post
    I'm really curious as to what this means, and what we can and cannot post now. :/
    According to the messages, every single post has to be pony-related apparently? o.O

    We know that it's turned into more than just pony discussion; it's about the community. We don't expect every post to be about how awesome Fluttershy is, but we don't want to just have a bunch of random meme or unrelated picture spam either. I'd mentioned in my PMs about the various funny picture and funny video megathreads, and I'd encourage you all to take a look if you're interested in posting those there.

    You guys have some great discussions that are tangentially pony related, or even just about daily life. We just want to make sure that the focus of the thread stays on those discussions and not "let's see who can post the best unrelated images!".

    Going to close this thread now since we're at the point of thread-length issues. (For the record, I know there was a lot of badmouthing about us and our devs because we can't fix that, but it's a vBulletin issue and out of our control.) I've asked Splenda to leave this thread closed for 5 minutes before starting the new one, so that everyone here gets a chance to notice and read this post.

    Hopefully we can keep things on a positive note in the next thread. I promise we're only trying to keep things constructive and happy.

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