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    Exclamation soooooo fraps.....


    I wanted to record some bgs today and raids later in the week, however my fraps only allows me to record for pity 30seconds....
    is this intended or a bug?

    also, if there is any better programs out there, please share.

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    unregistered version, or ran out of diskspace are the only things I can think of.

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    30 seconds is the trial, you'll have to buy or find another way to acquire the full version bud.
    Also fraps is terrible unless you have 2 harddrives, wow on one and writing the recording to another.

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    You need to buy the full version.

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    yeah that's trial. I suggest either paying the measly $37 for the full version or getting MSI Afterburner.

    Also like people above said, 2 HDDs or 1 SSD and 1 HDD. Boot and play WoW off one HDD (or SSD), write to spare HDD. (NEVER write to SSD, you'll burn up its write cycles.)
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    Fraps is rediculously cheap, you own it for life and get every update for free. Just buy the software. It is hands down the best video recording software for gaming environments.

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