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    Sep 2011
    Empire (main): (Grand Master Zym)
    50 assassin tank
    27 mercenary dps

    Republic (alt): (Wall of Light)
    7 jedi knight (will be sentinel) (current toon i'm focusing on)
    3 trooper

    Yeah, I have a RL so that's all I've racked up so far, and I was in on the first day of early access Dec 13th

    Plan to play at least one of each base class to the end of their story. Eventually may try the other AC's, that's why my 'pub and empire toons are kept on separate realms.

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    Oh god yes

    the main guy is a marauder lvl 37 and i have inquisitor 17, trooper 18, BH 14, Jedi knight 16, IA 12

    My MaL For The Glory Of Ecchi

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    Oh gawd yes:

    50 Sorcerer
    38 Juggernaut
    23 Mercenary
    22 Commando
    17 Sentinel
    11 Sniper
    11 Scoundrel


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    41 Operative
    35 Assassin
    33 Powertech
    27 Vanguard
    26 Marauder
    23 Scoundrel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Usurper View Post
    Oh gawd yes:

    50 Sorcerer
    38 Juggernaut
    23 Mercenary
    22 Commando
    17 Sentinel
    11 Sniper
    11 Scoundrel

    I am super jelly of all you people with at least one 50. My disease wont let me.

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    50 operative Main
    17 Powertech Main Alt
    20 Juggernaut
    20 Gugardian
    10 Commando

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sumatran View Post
    I am super jelly of all you people with at least one 50. My disease wont let me.
    imo so far the lvling experience is far more fun then the lvl 50 ever could be =P

    My MaL For The Glory Of Ecchi

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    Nov 2010
    50 juggernaut
    50 IA Op
    38 INQ sorc
    15 BH pt
    12 BH merc
    10 IQ assassn
    12 IA sniper
    Stop nerfing every character I play! I want to be Op....

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    Alt-itis? I thought it was called alts-gamer's disease.
    The night is dark and full of terrors...

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    Oct 2007
    50 BH and a 47 jedi shadow...

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    So far mine are:

    50 Sorcerer
    50 Operative
    45 Juggernaut
    23 Marauder
    21 Mercenary
    12 Gunslinger
    11 Vanguard

    I need to make a Shadow next I think...I've been having the urge to swing around a double-bladed lightsaber.

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    I have this issue, I'm trying to find the class that I fall in love with - Like rogue in wow, playing it since beta and wouldn't play any other class.

    So far I have;
    26 Sniper (Couldnt stand cover)
    18 Assassin (Felt very lack luster)
    14 Sentinel (Got told guild was rerolling Republic)
    22 Marauder (Then rerolled back to Imp - Then the class started feeling very standard - play the class this way and you stand a chance at winning, dont and you die.)
    16 Sorcerer
    15 Mercenary
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    Go put some pants on.
    Myst - Jubei'thos - Prestige
    6/6 Heroic MV
    6/6 Heroic HOF
    3/4 Heroic TOES

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    30 Mercenary [F, light]
    29 Assassin [M, light]

    Got four more planned:
    Powertech [M, dark]
    Sorcerer [F, dark]
    Marauder [F, dark]
    Juggernaut [M, light]

    So pretty much planning on playing each class twice, once as Light-side, once Dark, each one as a different Advanced Class, and as different sexes. After my screwups for my initial choices for romance (my Light Merc being female instead of male to romance Mako; I may be okay with my Assassin for Ashara, but eing Light I missed out on the options with the chick from the "Cult of You" on Nar Shaddaa) I'm going to try my damnedest to get things to work out well.

    And each one will have a different crafting profession, since that's part of what fuels my altitis. Current two are Cybertech & Artifice; I'm trying to level them about the same so I can keep each geared in their Custom stuff with Mods.

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    27 tooper, 22 sith inq, 15 sniper, 10 smug, 10 BH, 6 sith warrior.... i have issues...

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    50 operative
    20 juggernaut
    18 assassin
    15 PT
    13 merc
    12 commando

    i cant choose a class. theres something i dislike about all of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by namelessone View Post
    Alt-itis? I thought it was called alts-gamer's disease.
    i see what u did there

    My MaL For The Glory Of Ecchi

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    Mar 2010
    in Limbo... damn the Wi-fi is expensive here...
    50 Marauder
    50 Powertech
    13 Assasin
    14 Commando
    12 Scoundrel

    (so far) The thunderblood legacy on nightmare lands eu

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    Yeah, I got a couple alts. 38 Sith Marauder, 34 Smuggler Gunslinger. Also have a level 50 PT Bounty Hunter that I don't have a lot of fun playing. I've wanted to make more, but I've been waiting for the legacy stuff to come out. Can't wait to roll a Jedi Guardian.

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    IA Sniper - 50
    Sith Assasin (tank) - 33 (Currently leveling)
    BH Merc - 23
    Sith Juggernaut - 12
    Jedi Shadow - 25 (Original Republic guild class, gathering dust since guild went Empire )
    Trooper Commando - 10 (Name Holder/Class Quest hasn't completely grabbed me yet/Working on Empire Toons)
    Sith Sorceror - 18
    Jedi Knight - 1 (Name Holder)

    2 Sith Inquistors? Yes, 2 sith inquistors. I wanted to be able to choose between throwing lightning or swinging a double bladed lightsaber. I'm tempted to reroll my Merc, since I'm not 100% happy with the race choice I made with it (M Ratakki). I may go role it as a Male Chiss, to go with my Female Chiss Sniper.

    Tanking - A guildie has a level 50 Jugg, and has the same complaint about AOE tanking on it. He's leveling a BH Powertech right now, and is thinking about swapping to it when it hits 50. I think Assassin and Powertech have the best AOE tanking abilities (mass taunt/flame throwers/lacerate/dark charge/etc.), where as the Juggernaut seems to be a great <= 3 target tank.

    No Smuggler? No smuggler. I tried the story out on one of the open beta weekends, and it just didn't grab me. Most of the other stories grabbed me by the end of the first 10 levels, and the smuggler one just didn't. The quality was fine, I just didn't connect with it.
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