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    Rollercoaster Tycoon World

    Im thinking of buying Rollercoaster Tycoon world, but after seeing reviews, im not sure if i should. All of the reviews i read say the game is terrible.

    - Too few customization options
    - Too few management options
    - Technical issues
    - Graphical issues
    - Building is limited.

    However, most of those reviews are from April or May, at which point the game was still labeled as ''Early acess''. Is the game still labeled as such, and has it improved? Is it worth the 45 euro?
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    Just wait for Planet Coaster.

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    Or Parkitect
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    Yeah it depends on what sort of Rollercoaster Tycoon experience you like will depend which of the two mentioned above you would want to go for

    RCT2: Parkitect, it seems to be fairly close to the top down 2D type style
    RCT3: Planet Coaster matches the 3D style

    I've bought into the Alpha of Planet Coaster as I thought it would be a worthy investment, gone through 3 beta builds so far and its only got better as time has gone on - its going to be pretty sweet once everything is in.

    Rollercoaster Tycoon World was very disappointing, from what I read of reviews and videos there are a ton of issues and they didnt seem to be fixing them or just created new ones, it was no where near ready and it will likely never live up to the series its named into.

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