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    Uncharted 2 Free DLC - Where is it?


    So I recently started playing Uncharted 2 and I'm anxious to get the platinum trophy. I've noticed that the game has DLC and some trophies require the DLC to complete. I then found out that all Uncharted 2 DLC is free.

    I checked the Playstation Store and all I could find was Uncharted 3 downloadable items. (I did download the Free Uncharted 3 map packs)

    But I need the Uncharted 2 ones. Where can I find them? Any good answer would be greatly appreciated.

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    It seems that it was the cosmetic DLC that was made free, not the Among Thieves DLC. You still need to purchase that, but details are scant on whether or not that's still possible from a minute of casual googling.

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