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    Nope, I think at this point the odds of not having one are higher than having one...

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    "100,000 more invites" and I still don't have one. C'mon blizz!
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    "Fall of therzane....." what? if that woman fell , god help us it will be the second cataclysm
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    I wonder if anyone from Australia got in with these 100,000 being sent out?

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    Got mine today, but was stuck at work all day so I'm dl'ing the stupid thing right now ;x

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    I didn't get an email so I didn't even check. Randomly logged into today and boom it was there! Downloading now... ARG going to class tomorrow is going to kill me.

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    Of course i didn't. Never been invited by Blizzard to a beta... MoP annual pass will change this though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roar-Powah View Post
    I wonder if anyone from Australia got in with these 100,000 being sent out?
    Forgot about that, it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't include Aussies on the North American (I'm aware we get SEA, but we're still on NA too) just like they did with the BlizzardANZ D3 Beta Sweepstakes, pretty much killed it for anyone residing in Queensland and Victoria, which is kind of bullshit if there's a law restricting certain states..

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    Sad panda. No D3 beta for me.

    I'll go n play some Firefall!1

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    Haven't had as much as a peep from Blizz ever since i got in Wrath Beta. Lil bummed, but then again its just a game that i may enjoy when it comes out, even more so when i play it with my buddies from my 10m group. would have liked an invite so i can see how my computer can handle it ever since i found out that my comp was more suited for ToR than it was for D3 when i did or something like that.

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    well.. i guess its only the US there is getting the beta inv right?..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalx View Post
    100.000 keys distributed, didn't get one
    Know the feeling. Myself, my two roomates and a friend of mine who has 2 accounts didn't receive a single one.

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    Beta Invite

    I also got a D3 beta invite....played for a bit then Lag was so overwhelming i had to stop. Not sure im into this does one give out there beta?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikehuntz View Post
    I will sell my beta....for one hundred billion dollars *pinky on the mouth*
    you know you will prob get a mail that they added the beta key to your account.
    same as the d3. you won't get a key. unless you want to sell your account with it

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    I got in the Cata beta relatively early... NUTHIN for D3 /cry

    Quote Originally Posted by Autofollow View Post
    Brad Pitt didn't get a beta invite.

    Since I just got beta that makes me > Brad Pitt
    Heh, that was my fav "no beta club" sig during Cata. No beta cool kids club FTW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scotty823j View Post
    I also got a D3 beta invite....played for a bit then Lag was so overwhelming i had to stop. Not sure im into this does one give out there beta?
    If you disable Peer-to-Peer in the launcher the lag disappears. I had the same issues last night but after some googling I came across that nifty gem.

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    Give EU Beta servers

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    im still in the no-beta club =(
    darn eu

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    I got a beta invite. Just beat the skeleton king. I've never played a Diablo game before. I didn't really enjoy it though. I played a Barbarian. Going to try a couple other classes. Maybe the wizard and the monk.

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    Hopefully they will send out some EU invites soon

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    I was on IHeartchoas and I saw they released another hundred K in beta invites

    I went and checked my my account BAM there it was

    I pretty excited about it I normally don't have any luck with getting beta invites

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