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    Critique my Disc priest...

    I originally posted this in the Disc priest healing guide, but got no response in the last few days. Figured I'd try a separate topic. If the mods move it, that's fine. Just looking to get a few hits.

    Here's my latest alt of interest:


    I've recently started healing again on this particular toon, and I've been practicing in DS heroics and recently a couple of LFR runs. I expected worse from LFR, but I didn't do half bad. I found that I had plenty of mana left over, so that tells me that I have way too much spirit. I wasn't sure how much I would actually need, so I just went crazy with reforging so I had spi > mastery > crit > haste.

    I recently reforged out of some spirit and mastery to gain a little more haste and crit, but I didn't go crazy with it. High mastery works wel lfor heroics since I can bubble spam, but I felt a bit gimped with only 1000-ish haste and 13-15% crit. After a couple of LFR runs, I found that the majority of my healing came from DA, PoH, GH, and PoM, followed by PW:S, which I mainly used on the tanks, but also on folks who were getting hit hard.

    Another thought I had was to do a race change to Goblin or Troll, since being Undead doesn't help much at all in terms of output.

    Things I'm working on: Therazane rep, new MH weapon, running LFR more, capping VP for more upgrades.
    I had considered dropping herbalism since I have a druid with maxed out herb. Maybe swap it for Inscription for a relatively easy to get shoulder enchant. Pardon the 30 int gem in my VP ring. It's all I had and I'm not paying 350-400g for blue gems on the AH. I've been trying to farm those on my own to save a buck.

    When I run LFR again, I'll save the parse to WoL for better analysis.

    Other than that, I'm open to any suggestions. I'll be practicing in the meantime. Thanks much.

    EDIT: A few thoughts: My enchants could be a bit better. 65 mastery to gloves, maybe Lavawalker to boots.

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    if you like to bubble spam get a new spec. like this one -> http://wowtal.com/#k=veN3nvAm.bqj.priest.
    your spec is the atonement one which is not based on spamming bubbles. i made some upgrades on your atonement spec from what i would use -> http://wowtal.com/#k=vO8TfoxW.bqj.priest.

    if bubble spec i would go for mastery and atonement go for haste but again thats personal preferrence

    and about the racechange i´d go for blood elf cuz their racial is bess for healers. if you like the haste racial than its troll > goblin

    here is my disc priest <3 not the best equipped one but i love my priest ^_^ http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Cincia/simple

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    The Patient
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    Mar 2008
    PA, USA
    Thanks Serona for those suggestions and spec tweaks. I think I need to really try both options in a raid setting. Or.. .dual spec Disc/Disc because I can see both playstyles being useful for different encounters.

    For your particular spec, do you find yourself casting PoH very frequently for DA? Or do you try to use as many PW:S as possible with the Shadowfiend reduced cooldown? I imagine weaving plenty of bubbles with PoH, GH, and PoM, which is what I seem to be doing. However, is PoH as effective with a low haste rating? I find that when I cast PoH with my 1600-ish haste, druid and resto shaman HoTs usually make my spells worth a bit less because many people are mostly topped off by the time my cast ends. On the other hand, if everyone is taking huge damage, then PoH is most effective when mixed with IF and PI.

    Even after reading the sticky topics, I'm still trying to figure out what works best in certain situations, or maybe just trying to get a feel for how things work and why.

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    ye i cast PoH alot for DA (i even prestack it on some fights) and the talent borrowed time rly helps with the casttime i also use my cooldowns as often as ai can.

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