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    Companion choice @ lv 50

    as a healer that will do Ilum @ Belsavis quests, would you go with a:
    - Tank comp (melee)
    - dps comp - melee
    - dps comp - ranged

    in order to do the quests ASAP?

    and WHY? thx!
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    As a ranged dps, I go with a tank comp, but also my tanks are better geared than my healer or dps companions. I also am a threat machine as a IA Sniper.

    I know one of my guildies who's a healer goes with DPS most of the time, and brings out one of the tanks when its a Heroic 2+. It just takes longer with the tank companion. If you're DPS is reasonably well geared, I'd go with a dps.

    As for melee vs ranged tank? I'd go ranged tank, since there are a ton of ranged mobs on illum.
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    For me, as a ranged DPS, I go with the opposite of Scripts. I keep my healing companion out. I kept my healing companion with me ever since I got her, and haven't gone with anything different. When I have tried to utilize other companions, it just hasn't worked out as well.

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    ok... then i`ll wait for the Healers to reply

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    Quote Originally Posted by rogerwilko View Post
    as a healer that will do Ilum @ Belsavis quests, would you go with a:
    - Tank comp (melee)
    - dps comp - melee
    - dps comp - ranged

    in order to do the quests ASAP?

    and WHY? thx!
    I would go with a dps companion and when you pull a group of mobs, you can tank them with healing agro as your comp takes them down one by one. If your healing agro can beat their dps agro, you could kite mobs while the ranged companion kills elites/champions.

    If you have good geared tank companion, the less healing you have to do to it, the more dps you can add to its.

    Now, if you think you'll team up with another player from time to time, then prioritising your dps companion is the way to go. This works much better when you share the same armour types as the companion you pick. Using a Heavy armour wearing Tank companion can be awkward for a light armour wearing healer.

    If you are an IA operative, then you could take Ensign Temple and you'd both be using the same gear, when you get tokens for slots you already have good gear in, you can put that gear on the comp (you'll notice the columni gear does not have a class requirement, comp just won't benefit from set bonuses), but if you try to go with Kaliyo or SCORPIO, then you will have a harder time gearing them up as you can only get tokens if you greed them from a flashpoint, or are gifted them from Hard/Nightmare Ops.

    To summarise, Go dps comp who shares your armour type/stats, outheal the damage long enough for comp to kill everything.

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    thank you for the replies. I will try with the ranged DPS companion and see how it goes. From my experience while leveling(as healer), I have not used it because he seamed too fragile. I used the melee dps companion.
    But we will see how this goes!

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    I personally go with a dps companion not sure of your class but i'd go with the highest armor first then range over melee imo...i feel like at least on my ia that vector cloth assassin ( basically) takes more damage than temple ( basically a gunslinger) also depending on your class doesnt hurt to throw out some dmg too I find if i cc or just open with as much aoe as can do ( quite limited as an ia operative btw) me and temple will really need little healing. elites are a different story but as a healer you should at least keep one dps and your tank companion geared.. remember that at endgame at least for soloing its better to gear your tank with defensive stats than whatever shiny piece comes your way by that i mean make sure those enhancement slots have +shield/ defense/ absorb rating.
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